QuickLook Video: RootsMagic – Adding Media Files

RootsMagic Adding Media Files

My friend Maria T. and I are assisting our neighbors with RootsMagic, genealogy software to manage the data and images we’re collecting as we climb our family trees. We are to the stage now where folks have scanned or downloaded family photos and vital records of birth, marriage and death. It’s now time to attach the photos and documents to the people in question and it’s a snap.

In this short subject video DearMYRTLE demonstrates how to add a photo to her ancestor’s profile, and add the death certificate to the ancestor’s death event line.


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If you’d like more detailed information for handling media files in RootsMagic, see “Pictures and Media in RootsMagic” at RootsMagic TV (YouTube), shown below. The RootsMagic Magician and his partner Michael Booth do a marvelous job explaining all sorts of additional options including attaching files, sound clips and video clips.



WackyWednesday Q_A

Participate in an unscripted, open discussion in which we consider WHAT are our personal rules for genealogy databases?

  • DOCUMENTATION – direct, indirect, authored work?
  • GPS – Genealogical Proof Standards
  • ONLINE TREES – Private or public (if 90% sure of relationships)
  • CITATIONS – DearMYRTLE’s “Ragu method” (it’s in there), cite first
  • ANALYSIS – is helped when we transcribe and cite well
  • DESKTOP SOFTWARE permits multiple databases
  • BACKUP – cloud, offsite, external hard drive
  • COMPARING ONLINE TREES – Ancestry, FindMyPast, MyHeritage, FamilySearch



19:01:47 From Melissa Barker : Hello Everyone!
19:02:16 From Betty-Lu Burton : Hello Everyone
19:02:58 From Melissa Barker : Hello Deb, hope you are fully recovered!
19:03:29 From Betty-Lu Burton : My son once said he wanted a garage full of antique cars, you know those older than 1960. I and the other lady in the car at the time were both born before 1960.
19:05:41 From Deb Andrew to All panelists : Old Alabama Family Photos
19:06:03 From Marian Koalski : Vegas?
19:06:29 From Betty-Lu Burton : I think any car older than 20 years is considered an antique
19:09:05 From Marian Koalski : I put possibles into my database with a first name of “maybe”
19:09:32 From Marian Koalski : That way I can see them as I research
19:09:55 From Marian Koalski : And I attach whatever sources I have to them
19:10:23 From Betty-Lu Burton : I put in the various larger databases I have received as well as the various family history books I have received as one of my sources. I then note if I had proved it wrong.
19:11:23 From Betty-Lu Burton : Some of these records are what others have used to start their research
19:14:51 From Marian Koalski : I don’t generally put “possibles” into online trees. That’s work, and I don’t invest that effort until I’ve figured things out more definitely.
19:15:34 From Betty-Lu Burton : Find them in all the censuses that they should be in, both Federal and State
19:17:51 From Marian Koalski : I agree, Russ.
19:21:14 From Marian Koalski : Yes, and sometimes I find an index entry for a name that begins with M on the page for C-names. Someone entered it but didn’t notice that he was working on the wrong page.
19:24:47 From Marian Koalski : You’re right, Russ, but this is in my Reunion database, which looks for a name anywhere in a name.
19:25:28 From Marian Koalski : Mine will read something like “maybe Richard Higbee”
19:26:09 From Marian Koalski : I do the ___ for names that I don’t know
19:28:49 From Marian Koalski : I don’t have a mike.
19:29:13 From Marian Koalski : Maybe my difference from Russ is that I don’t do automated searches.
19:34:02 From Marian Koalski : me

19:41:09 From Cousin Russ : Family Tree Maker https://www.mackiev.com/ftm
19:41:12 From Cousin Russ : .
19:41:19 From Cousin Russ : Legacy Family Tree https://legacyfamilytree.com

19:41:25 From Cousin Russ : RootsMagic https://rootsmagic.com/

19:42:55 From Cousin Russ : Ancestry App https://www.ancestry.com/cs/ancestry-app

19:43:47 From Cousin Russ : FAMILY HISTORIAN 6 https://www.family-historian.co.uk/
19:43:48 From Cousin Russ : .
19:46:49 From Sue Holmes Burns to All panelists : I use One Drive for backups as well as an 8T external hard drive.
19:50:26 From Launa Droescher : I use to rotate Tape, then Zip backups. Some day I’m going to delete old backups
19:53:33 From Launa Droescher : that was tape in 1990s and a few years later zip
19:54:54 From Betty-Lu Burton : I know this is not correct, but it helps me to think of the cloud as the internet
19:56:42 From Betty-Lu Burton : because I have to use the internet to get to the cloud
19:56:44 From Sue Holmes Burns to All panelists : When I backup my family file I direct the backup to One Drive, therefore not a copy. A copy of that backup then gets put onto my external hard drive.

20:09:41 From Sweet Sadie to All panelists : This is Robert Kehrer the Product Manager for “Search” at FamilySearch. The % of unindexed digital images is now 77%. You *must* use the catalog to access these records that cannot be found by search, browse or hints.https://www.facebook.com/groups/DearMYRTLE/permalink/10160997582865374/

20:09:58 From Sue Holmes Burns to All panelists : I hate to admit this but I didn’t know where my brother was buried. Yesterday I got a hint from MyHeritage showing me he’s buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Quite a find and surprise.

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ARCHIVED: WACKY Wednesday 2 BIG Questions

So what are the questions we will tackle in this webinar?

  1. Need some input! I’m one of many getting irritated with Ancestry. What other options are there, other than Family Search, that allow the same type of actions?
  2. I’m aggravated with my Legacy Family Tree software. I downloaded my Ancestry Member Tree, but there are no images of documents.



19:11:24 From Susan Bleimehl  One or many places to go would be go through the relevant topics in Cyndi’s List or Linkpendium or the Ancestor’s Hunt newspaper site. You can spend lots of time doing that. Also, I don’t think anyone’s tree is clean or perfect. I like to spend some time cleaning up my databases.
19:12:29 From Deb Andrew : Roots Finder and American Ancestors are other places. I work on my photos, cleaning them up and refining those skills.

19:14:50 From Deb Andrew : There are so many webinars and YouTube Videos that can be watched to do more educational training, when a site is not functioning correctly.

19:16:57 From JoAnn Lawrence : I’ve joined Genealogy Facebook groups. They are great.
19:18:27 From Cousin Russ : Katherine R. Willson’s Genealogy on Facebook listing of over 12,300+ groups and pages: http://socialmediagenealogy.com/genealogy-on-facebook-list

19:25:25 From Linda Jordan : I’m a member of a Facebook group that doesn’t want duplicate posts on a topic. They want you to search their site 1st. They will block you from posting for a certain time period.
19:25:40 From Shelley Murphy : I like it when an Admin sends a welcome – are the welcome’s set up and sent automatically. [Note: Welcomes are not sent individually.]
19:26:21 From Deb Andrew : If you watch, you can tell who is always posting, what is posted, who to make your post more effective and relevant to a thread.
19:29:50 From Deb Andrew : My Heritage has just started forwarding the messages to your e-mail like Ancestry does with their message system. 
19:34:20 From Shelley Murphy :  Legacy webinars at http://www.FamilyTreeWebinars.com
19:37:30 From Susan Bleimehl : Podcasts are fun and interesting.
19:38:06 From Deb Andrew : Evidence Explained is another good site to learn on citing. http://EvidenceExplained.com and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/evidenceexplained/
19:41:38 From Shelley Murphy : That’s where I was a few months ago, Rensselaer.
19:42:59 From Deb Andrew : I just sent someone to Joy Flips for the photos.
19:43:03 From Cousin Russ : https://feedly.com/i/welcome
19:45:37 From Shelley Murphy : did you save your chart?
19:45:47 From Deb Andrew : I’ve learned so much to just attending your webinars and going to the links that are suggested and looking at the books recommended.
19:46:30 From Deb Andrew : Genealogy Gems is another good site. http://www.genealogygems.com
19:48:28 From Deb Andrew : Legacy Family Tree has a photo re-linker.
19:52:08 From Deb Andrew : When Legacy 10 is released it will sync with My Heritage.
19:56:27 From Deb Andrew : Legacy has hints for FamilySearch, My Hertiage and Find My Past.
20:00:01 From Susan Bleimehl : Joining your local genealogy society is a good place to find other people who use your chosen software. Getting together with these folks is a good way to explore and learn to use all of the features of your software. Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are great fun to attend.
20:00:17 From Shelley Murphy : Roots Trust I have not heard of – going to look it up
20:00:54 From Shelley Murphy : Also, let’s get a Genealogy Buddy!
20:01:10 From Shelley Murphy : eastman

20:02:09 From Cousin Russ : https://www.rootstrust.com/
20:04:48 From Shelley Murphy : RootsMagic for me. http://www.rootsmagic.com
20:06:45 From Deb Andrew : The have a trial version.
20:08:02 From Shelley Murphy : Thank you, enjoyed it…
20:08:17 From Cindy Hilomen : thank you

20:40:45 From Cousin Russ : The home of my (female) DAR person — https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Lehrer
20:45:53 From DearMYRTLE : Bernice Bennett http://www.blogtalkradio.com/bernicebennett
20:49:38 From DearMYRTLE : Coming to the Table http://comingtothetable.org

and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/comingtothetable/

20:52:38 From DearMYRTLE : Black ProGen http://www.whoisnickasmith.com/blackprogen/

20:56:03 From DearMYRTLE : BlackProGen LIVE: Ep 60: Indian in My Family: DNA, Identity, and the Making of Africans in America https://youtu.be/2ydGVCtW6d0

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Having Your Own Database

Since there is no Mondays with Myrt until next week, let’s assist our new DearMYRTLE Facebook Group member Linda who writes:

“Primarily, my first question is there some way I can save all my data from Ancestry.com? I can no longer afford it. If I have to pay for 1 more subscription, to somehow salvage it, I will do that. Then I would like to learn about all the free sites…”


To meet your requirements, Ol’ Myrt here recommends RootsMagic desktop software. It’s one of two desktop computer programs that can download to your computer everything from your Ancestry Member Tree including attached photos and documents. However, in my tests, RootsMagic is able to do TreeShare more reliably than the other program. The RootsMagic program has a free version and a $29.95 upgrade version and installs on both PC and Mac computers. This is a one time charge, not annual, and permits you to work with multiple family trees like adopted, bloodline, or disproved. I have nine databases on my computer right now – several because I am not yet sure if the family I’m working on belongs in my family tree.

This video explains how to download all data and attached images from an Ancestry Member Tree to a new RootsMagic database.

As with any program, eventually enhancements may be made to the software that might require an upgrade of about $19, but that has happened only every few years or so in my experience.

Don’t worry, Ancestry isn’t planning to get rid of your tree. You just won’t be able to get to the database images you’ve attached to each ancestor until you reactivate your Ancestry account. I’d recommend finding a time dedicated to this transfer process. Then activate your Ancestry account for the minimum one month time period and go for it.

As for free genealogy websites, a good place to begin is with a free account at FamilySearch.org

The product manager for FamilySearch “search” and “hints” advises using the FamilySearch Catalog, since only about 30% of the site’s images are browsable or indexed. Using the catalog you’ll spend most of your time looking for records created in the place where your ancestors once lived. And you won’t know if those ancestors are mentioned in the record set until you look. Some images must be viewed at your local Family History Center, owing to stipulations by the church, courthouse, archive or library that holds the original documents.

Find a local Family History Center here:

The following short 8-minute video features using the FamilySearch Catalog to locate the other 70% of digital images not yet browsable or indexed, demonstrated by Robert Kerher, the FamilySearch product manager I mentioned earlier. Nothing better than getting it directly from the source.

DearMYRTLE logoMyrt’s Musings

Keep me posted on your progress. Cousin Russ and I would be more than happy to walk you through the steps for downloading your Ancestry Member Tree to a new RootsMagic database on your computer. As you may know, we are both out of town on family business at the moment.

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ARCHIVED: Mondays with Myrt – 29 Jan 2018


Tune in to the archived version of our latest webinar – Mondays with Myrt held 29 Jan 2018. You’ll find selected chat dialog and the links we mention below this embedded video.

We looked at Pat Kuhn’s ancestor’s “young men’s” WWII draft card indexed at Ancestry pointing to the image on Fold3, and caution all to watch what information gets shared during a Family Tree Maker sync or RootsMagic share option.Many explained they manually update their personal database with images from hints on various websites. That way transcriptions are most accurate, and citations can be custom crafted.

DearMYRTLE is concerned when people use the FamilySearch prompt with possible names for temple work. These are prompts for research to ensure the name and identifying info is truly an ancestor. We find out what Elizabeth Shown Mills has to say about the necessity of citing a repository – there is one instance where it is essential.

Moving on, we tackled the various RootsTech passes (different days/prices) and that it’s best to download the handouts via computer so you can save the file with a recognizable name. Dropbox would make these available to any of your devices. One may take the TRAX train from the airport if your hotel does not have a shuttle. See the embedded map below.

Find out about hashtags, #GenChat, and Tweet Deck for what Cheri Passey calls “The fastest hour in genealogy!”


Upcoming Events

AmericaGen STUDY GROUP – Chapter 1
31 Jan 2018 – Noon Eastern US (New York), 11am Central (Chicago), 10 am Mountain (Salt Lake City and Denver), 9am Pacific (Los Angeles)

Researchers Guide to American Genealogy 4th Edition by Val D. Greenwood, 2017 (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co.) Available in paperback https://www.amazon.com/Researchers-Guide-American-Genealogy-4th/dp/0806320664
Noon Eastern US (New York), 11am Central (Chicago), 10 am Mountain (Salt Lake City and Denver), 9am Pacific (Los Angeles)
REGISTRATION PAGE https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_m-BvT1rGQGWI6RMyC2YRKw

Albion’s Seed Study Group
Syllabus – Albion’s Seed: Four British Folkways in America by David Hackett Fischer, 1989 (New York: Oxford University Press). Paperback available from

Wednesday, 31 Jan 2018 – 9pm Eastern US (New York), 8pm Central US (Chicago), 7pm Mountain US (Denver, Salt Lake City), 6pm Pacific US (Los Angeles)
The South of England to Virginia: Distressed Cavaliers and Indentured Servants 1642-75
Registration link for all sessions: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_uOEpyna0QZWA6QNEE0GWUQ

REGISTER for DearMYRTLE’s February Webinarshttp://dearmyrtle.com/blog2/index.php/2018/01/26/register-feb-2018-dearmyrtle-webinars

Plusword – A game show hosted by Sir Michael Daniels. Come support the home team as we meet two other teams in a match of wits. This is a “view and comment” only link. No need to register. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jK-vumCmPV8 Starts at 10pm Eastern US (New York) Friday, 9 Feb 2018.


RootsTech (Genealogy & technology conference) where DearMYRTLE is serving as an official RT Ambassador.
28 Feb through 3 March 2018 – at the Salt Palace in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah.
Registration link: http://www.RootsTech.org

Selected Chat Comments

00:36:32 Sheryl Whisenhunt: Good Morning from California.
00:36:57 Bill West: Good morning from a gloomy south of Boston
00:37:18 Pam Helm: Good Morning
00:39:47 Lisa Gorrell: Good morning, everyone!
00:41:20 JohnLaws: Hi from a cold but bright North Berwick

Regarding Pat Kuhn’s U.S. WWII Draft Cards Young Men, 1940-1947 research at Ancestry. (Screen shot below is the search result for Pat’s ancestors George Charles O’Donnell, born 1922.)

George Charles O'Donnell's WWII Draft Card

00:44:31 Deb Andrew: She only needs the Fold3 subscription, doesn’t have to upgrade the Ancestry account.
00:51:41 Betty-Lu Burton: The age is wrong. The card says 19 Ancestry says 20
00:54:04 Bill West: This is why I’m leery of syncing my Ancestry & RootsMagic trees. I download all records to my HD the old fashioned way and enter all data from the image,itself, not the transcription.
00:56:01 Lisa Gorrell: Be careful. This collection is not complete. Keep checking back. I did not find my two grandfathers’ cards. But I do have them from NARA.
00:57:04 June Butka: I found that names were added to my family Search tree that I didn’t add. I also found I could not add a second wife if the other wife’s name is already there.
00:58:09 RandySeaver: This is why I don’t attach records from Ancestry to my RootsMagic tree, and create my own source citatyions.
00:58:45 HilaryGadsby: Look at what the dataset covers I am looking for someone born in Illinois but they are not online yet.
00:59:39 Marian Koalski: I’m opinionated too, Randy. And Ancestry’s citations don’t have the needed info to re-find the record, even if you overlook their whimsical formatting
01:00:24 June Butka: It was a record hint I was trying to add. I can add them independently.

FamilySearch Temple Prompts

01:00:25 Betty-Lu Burton: FamilySearch will split large databases into smaller groups so they can start to get the information out sooner. Los Angeles County Death records are in at least 4 groups and we are working on reviewing the 3 and 4 groups. Still have a long way to go
01:00:46 HilaryGadsby: I have added second wife at Family Search
RootsMagic01:06:47 RandySeaver: duplicate Facts occur in RootsMagic when you merge a person with another

Cousin Russ01:08:35 Cousin Russ: Cousin Russ’ YouTube Channel: http://bit.ly/CousinRussYouTube
01:08:41 Cousin Russ: Cousin Russ’ A Worthington Weblog: https://worthy2be.wordpress.com

DearMYRTLE’s OLD Blog: http://blog.DearMYRTLE.com
DearMYRTLE’s NEW Blog Myrt’s Musings http://DearMYRTLE.com/blog2
01:09:26 Cousin Russ: DearMYRTLE’s YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/DearMYRTLE
01:09:47 June Butka: That is useful. I need to get comfortable with the learning curve to where the Zoom Playbacks are with links.
01:10:01 Cousin Russ: DearMYRTLE’s Genealogy Community on Google+ Plus: http://bit.ly/DearMYRTLEonGoogle
01:10:12 Cousin Russ: *HANGOUTS: Pay what you want* by DearMYRTLE. http://blog.dearmyrtle.com/2015/03/hangouts-pay-what-you-want.html
01:10:37 Cousin Russ: DearMYRTLE’s Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/DearMYRTLE/

01:11:04 Cousin Russ: GeneaWebinars Calendar of Hangouts, Webinars and Online Chats this coming week: http://www.GeneaWebinars.com
01:12:24 RandySeaver: My research/opinion/news/stuff blog is www.geneamusings.com
01:14:38 HilaryGadsby: Can you share a calendar with just a few people?
01:16:12 RandySeaver: Way back when, I entered only libraries and public repositories because that’s where I found books or records. The repositories I entered 15 years ago are still in my source records.
01:16:28 Betty-Lu Burton: If it is on line then it has a URL and not a repository. Is not a repository a brick and morter building?
01:18:26 HilaryGadsby: Putting something online publishes it but what is published may only be an image not the original. What you cite depends upon what you see.
01:21:04 RandySeaver: Launa – I would state that in the repository field, and/or in the source comment field in RootsMagic

Elizabeth Shown Mill’s writes “Repositories need to be named when we have visited a facility to use an unpublished record that does not exist anywhere else except that facility.”  https://www.facebook.com/elizabeth.shownmills/posts/1214556458675665

01:24:06 June Butka: The box wasn’t checked off above the previous link that said not shareable.
01:26:34 Marian Koalski: I think entering the repository is useful to everyone in the case of a rare book, too.
01:28:13 Cousin Russ: Linda – The Blog has a search field

01:28:22 Cousin Russ: https://www.rootstech.org
01:28:50 Cheri Passey: Dave, can’t wait to meet you in person at RootsTech!
01:30:11 Lisa Gorrell: This will be my first time at RootsTech. Couldn’t believe how many classes there are!
01:31:14 RandySeaver: It took almost an hour last night to download the Wednesday handouts from http://app.core-apps.com/rootstech2018/events/view_by_day?tracks&type
01:31:21 Cheri Passey: So glad you will be there, Lisa!
01:31:55 RandySeaver: I’m going to download each day on different nights – it’s boring and requires attention to detail
01:32:47 Yvonne Demoskoff: Some of the labs are already filled up; darn.
01:33:38 Betty-Lu Burton: They still do not have the broadcast classes listed yet
01:34:38 RandySeaver: Betty-Lu – they usually announce them a week or so before it starts. You can sometimes suss it out by the Hall it uses. I think Hall C.
01:35:01 Betty-Lu Burton: Thanks Randy

RootsTech Smartphone App
01:37:26 Cousin Russ: 7 Ways the Mobile App Will Enhance Your RootsTech Experience https://www.rootstech.org/blog/7-ways-the-mobile-app-will-enhance-your-rootstech-experience [NOTE: The RootsTech mobile app, sponsored by WordPress, is now available for download from the App Store and the Google Play Store. ]
01:37:46 Yvonne Demoskoff: On the app, when I click to view Exhibit Hall in “Maps”, it closes the app; does anyone have this problem, too?
01:38:33 HilaryGadsby: Not tried it yet Yvonne
01:39:16 Yvonne Demoskoff: Oh ok, Hilary
01:39:34 RandySeaver: When I save the handout, I edit the file name for speaker name and title of the talk. Example: “Thomas Macentee – Using pinterest”
01:39:44 RandySeaver: It was the same thing as last year.
01:40:02 HilaryGadsby: Yvonne I will try after the webinar
01:41:40 Yvonne Demoskoff: Thanks, Hilary!
01:42:16 Dawn Carlile: That is what I did last year. I copy the title off the screen.

[NOTE:Here’s a Google Map of downtown Salt Lake City. Br sure to look for Harmon’s, our local grocery store with the great deli-department we mentioned during this show.]

01:43:53 HilaryGadsby: Going to Blue Lemon for Commonwealth Dinner this year
01:45:08 Yvonne Demoskoff: The Holiday Inn Express is across the street from the south entrance to the Salt Palace; very convenient
01:45:22 Dawn Carlile: Blue Iguana is excellent for Mexican food and the Siegried’s Deli is great.
01:46:29 Dawn Carlile: And they have a food court with lots of options at City Creek.
01:47:53 Dawn Carlile: If you need exercise you can walk to Harmon’s where they have a wonderful salad bar and you can eat upstairs or take it with you.
01:49:12 Yvonne Demoskoff: My husband and I bought a few food items from Harmon’s to bring back to our room at the hotel.
01:50:17 Linda Stufflebean: Hope the GeneaBloggers meet for lunch again at the Blue Lemon. [Yes, we will meet on Tuesday for lunch at 1pm.]
01:50:39 Cheri Passey: Me too. Linda!
01:51:05 HilaryGadsby: I need to check how to get from airport to The Radisson

01:51:21 Cousin Russ: One county’s switch to unalterable .PDF-A from microfilm – http://m.thecourierexpress.com/news/state/changing-of-the-guard-county-microfilm-department-going-digital/article_7951da66-ea95-596a-adb5-25bc105ab03b.html

TRAX logo
01:51:34 Lisa Gorrell: Hilary, you can ride the TRAX. [ This is the link to the Trax website: https://www.rideuta.com/Services/TRAX ]
01:51:44 Lisa Gorrell: I’m at the Radisson, too.
01:52:38 RandySeaver: We use the Express Shuttle service to/from SLC airport – only $10 per person
01:53:14 HilaryGadsby: When do you arrive?

01:53:54 Cousin Russ: http://www.genealogygenchat.com/ #genchat
01:54:31 Cheri Passey: #genchat is so much fun! I call it the fastest hour in genealogy! I learn something new every time!
01:55:31 HilaryGadsby: I like Genchat but wrong time for me in the UK participate when I remember if I can

01:57:09 HilaryGadsby: I have used tweetdeck in the past
01:59:27 Cheri Passey: I use Tweetchat.com . One you enter the hashtag and join the group, it automatically puts it in for you.

02:00:23 RandySeaver: I’ve used Tweetchat and you get only the #genchat items in last first order. You can upload your message too.
02:00:41 Cheri Passey: Anna, that just means it will tweet into the chat with your account. It doesn’t produce tweets for you, it just shares what you tweet into the group.
02:03:15 AnnaMatthews: Thank you, Cheri. That’s good to know because I wanted to check it out.
02:03:42 Cousin Russ: The Legal Genealogist Judy Russell discusses obtaining DNA from a deceased relative. http://www.legalgenealogist.com/2018/01/28/another-look-at-dna-life-after-death/

02:08:19 HilaryGadsby: I might make it to Game Night in February
02:09:25 HilaryGadsby: I will miss MwM on Monday after RootsTech as will be travelling home from SLC.

02:10:43 Cousin Russ: @laurie_pratt writes A Letter to a Stranger https://threebranchtree.com/2017/02/07/a-letter-to-a-stranger/ #dna #genealogy
02:09:58 June Butka: It is a well written letter.
02:10:16 RandySeaver: I will miss the 2/26 MwM because I will be flying in after noon that day.

UN Holocaust
02:11:46 Cousin Russ: United Nations Department of Public Information 2018 Holocaust Remembrance Calendar of Events http://www.un.org/en/holocaustremembrance/2018/calendar2018.html
02:12:05 Cousin Russ: MyHeritage CEO Gilad Japhet Tells the Stories of His Ancestors Who Were Victims of the Holocaust https://blog.myheritage.com/2018/01/our-ceo-gilad-japhet-tells-the-stories-of-his-ancestors-who-were-victims-of-the-holocaust

02:15:15 Susan Bleimehl: Excellent show today. Thanks everyone!

The conversation continues herehttps://plus.google.com/+DearmyrtlePage/posts/Hrcfhk9qzc1