Mondays with Myrt – 29 April 2019


In which we discuss odd spellings for places like SEQUIM, WA. :::giggle::: 

We also hear about Family Tree Live conference held in Alexandria Place, London the previous weekend and take a look at upcoming conferences in Ohio, California, Missouri and Washington, DC in addition to UK conferences, namely TheGenealogyShow.UK and RootsTech- London. Thanks to #FindMyPast for getting the word out EARLY concerning their Tree-to-Tree hinting that will debut this summer. We also take a look at Gary’s post in the Forum for a brief overview of the importance of citing what we are looking at and how this may be a cause for layered citations.

This begs the question – “Do you go back routinely to provide the updated URL for a record you’ve cited in the past?”



10:02:56 From garygauthier : Hi from Calgary
10:03:19 From Robbin Smith : Hello from Miami
10:07:30 From Melissa Barker : Hello Everyone! Coming to you from the Houston County, TN. Archives!
10:08:16 From Doris Haskell : Thanks! I’ll take it!
10:08:27 From Valerie Lisk : Oh My! In April? Is that common Doris?
10:08:35 From garygauthier : We had about a foot of snow in Calgary.
10:08:49 From Cousin Russ : To access an application SAR (Sons of the American Revolution) “worksheet”
10:09:18 From Doris Haskell : My application to the DAR has been denied 5 times so far.
10:12:21 From Pamela Wells : My DAR application is in process in Washington now.
10:12:46 From Kathleen Newbill to All panelists : Boy Scouts does a great job of teaching flag etiquette.
10:14:15 From Betty-Lu Burton : Hello from Arkansas
10:14:29 From Kathleen Daetsch to All panelists : What really started my interest in genealogy was wondering if my grandmother’s family might go back to the Revolution and that I might have a patriot in my ancestry.
10:18:30 From Danine Cozzens : Most of my DAR ancestors fall into the red-flagged category. (Having pulled all those apps, I agree.)
10:18:54 From Sheryl Zeringue to All panelists : Good morning from South Louisiana.
10:18:54 From Danine Cozzens : Girls Scouts did too!
10:19:47 From Marcia Philbrick : My original DAR application was denied because of same name issues (Jason Hammond, CT). I went in on the father of the person I originally applied on. I know that records are confused for 2 James Crawfords in KY.
10:20:10 From Molly McKinley : One of mine that was accepted is now blocked.
10:21:27 From Graham Walter : What is the ‘red flag’ issue? [NOTE: “Red flagged” means the lineage is in question, more research required.]
10:22:32 From Graham Walter : OK – that puts it into perspective
10:23:53 From Doris Haskell : Yes. Thank you. There is someone in New York trying to help me. And each rejection is for a different patriot. I’ll be happy to talk with you later.
10:24:23 From Doris Haskell : Yes.
10:24:27 From Doris Haskell : In Huntington
10:24:56 From Doris Haskell : It’s fun to say Loong Island

10:26:47 From Cousin Russ : Origins (Amazon Prime Video) .
10:27:14 From Doris Haskell : In the early days, there were many farms. My ancestors built a grain mill that was powered with a water wheel.
10:28:09 From Nathan Dylan Goodwin to All panelists : Guess what I’ll be watching tonight? Origins! Thanks for the recommendation!
10:28:11 From Marian Koalski to All panelists : Yes, the nuns cheat for her
10:29:21 From Graham Walter : Unfortunately not on Prime UK 🙁
10:31:30 From Dave Robison to All panelists : I’m with Nathan…but only after the Red Sox game!
10:34:23 From Doris Haskell : Where do you go to get permission to enter that cemetery?
10:36:56 From Marian Koalski to All panelists : Pat, you’re saying Dorchester “right.”
10:37:21 From Cecelia DeBolt : How interesting! I love the detective work!
10:37:29 From Doris Haskell : What if it was a secret NPE? [NOTE: In DearMYRTLE’s experience, most non-paternal event or misattributed parentage situations were indeed secret.]
10:38:32 From Randy Seaver : word for word transcription of wills and deeds reveals many secrets! The challenge is to find them and that they are readable.
10:40:11 From DearMYRTLE . to All panelists :
10:40:26 From DearMYRTLE . to All panelists :
10:40:37 From Randy Seaver : I have a dedicated transcription time every Sunday after church in order to feed the Amanuensis Monday posts.
10:41:02 From Marian Koalski to All panelists : Some parts of Dorchester are rough
10:41:15 From Dave Robison : But Marian, there are no “R’s” in Dorchester!! HA!
10:41:32 From Randy Seaver : Dohchestah?
10:41:45 From Marian Koalski to All panelists : Right, Dave!
10:42:06 From Randy Seaver : or Woiostah either
10:42:19 From Randy Seaver : Woostah
10:42:25 From Doris Haskell : As in, “Park the car in Harvard Yard”.
10:42:53 From Hilary Gadsby : Don’t like pronouncing our English place names
10:44:26 From Graham Walter : lavender?
10:44:41 From Danine Cozzens to All panelists : Squeem!
10:44:41 From Betsey Cotter to All panelists : squim
10:44:55 From Betsey Cotter to All panelists : and it is lavender
10:45:37 From Betsey Cotter to All panelists : Second biggest lavender producer outside Provence, France

Janet Few The History Interpreter
10:47:00 From Randy Seaver : Janet Few (The History Interpreter) wrote several blog posts about Family Tree Live in
10:47:41 From John Laws : Also grown in North West Norfolk
10:50:08 From Dave Robison to All panelists : Time to run….Thanks for letting me discuss SAR/DAR!
10:51:41 From Hilary Gadsby to All panelists : Nathan is in the attendees he was at Family Tree Live
10:51:42 From garygauthier : Isn’t lavender also grown in Tunbridge Wells? It’s where my grandmum was born.
10:52:09 From Randy Seaver : Nick Barratt?
10:52:46 From Randy Seaver : of WDYTYA UK
10:53:27 From Hilary Gadsby to All panelists : Nick is good presenter did WDYTYA when it started in UK
10:53:39 From Michelle Minner : I spent my working life teaching computer systems…and the more of the senses you can engage in teaching, the better the students will retain the knowledge…I like using as many as possible.
10:55:32 From Randy Seaver : it’s probably behind his wookie
10:56:48 From Randy Seaver : Janet writes funny stuff…I enjoy her blog posts
11:01:29 From Randy Seaver : I wonder how many links in the book are still active?

Nathan Goodwin website

11:02:08 From Cousin Russ :
11:02:57 From Graham Walter : I’ll be there at THE Genealogy Show
11:03:34 From Valerie Lisk : I need Nathan’s books in audio form so I can listen while I do research etc.
11:04:26 From Valerie Lisk : Sorry, audio.
11:04:55 From Hilary Gadsby : Many of Nathan’s books are available as audio books
11:06:40 From Valerie Lisk : Hilary, good to know. I have not been able to find them I have to look again. Thanks!
11:08:02 From Graham Walter : FGS Program Overview…
11:09:38 From Randy Seaver : we are going to Jamboree in Burbank on May 30-June 2 – 50th anniversary!
11:10:08 From Cathy Naborowski to All panelists : We couldn’t do local/state conferences without volunteers!!!!
11:10:45 From Devon Lee : Can’t wait to go to Jamboree!!!!
11:10:52 From Robbin Smith : I wish I could go!
11:11:10 From Jenny Hawran : Jamboree is incredible. One of the best “small” conferences around
11:11:12 From Graham Walter : Nathan’s books on …
11:11:42 From DearMYRTLE . to All panelists :
11:11:49 From Valerie Lisk : Thanks Graham!
11:11:54 From Devon Lee : I’ll take advantage of that shuttle. Thanks for the tip Randy. We walked there last year
11:13:57 From Devon Lee : Aww. Thanks Pat.
11:14:01 From Randy Seaver : Just call the hotel for a pickup at the airport or train stop
11:14:09 From Cousin Russ :
11:15:14 From Devon Lee : Mason, Ohio, here we come Russ. Can’t wait to see ya.
11:15:36 From Pamela Wells : Russ, where in Ohio, please?
11:15:49 From Cousin Russ :
11:16:10 From Pamela Wells : Just saw the answer, Russ….I’m from Dayton, Ohio originally
11:16:13 From Randy Seaver : Pamela, Mason, Ohio
11:16:20 From Graham Walter : Mason OH – near Cincinnati
11:16:30 From Pamela Wells : Thank you, Randy!
11:17:54 From Cousin Russ : Tree to Tree Hinting at FindMyPast
11:17:58 From Pamela Wells : Thank you, Graham!
11:18:26 From Randy Seaver : Findmypast has taken away the link they had to the collaborative tree, which was the FamilySearch Family Tree. It was searchable but not able to add to it.


11:20:35 From Pamela Wells : Does anyone know if there is there a good WikiTree You Tube tutorial available? I would like to learn more about it?
11:21:07 From Randy Seaver : Pamela, WikiTree has many YouTube videos – check their page
11:21:52 From Cousin Russ :
11:22:01 From Pamela Wells : Thank you, Randy and Russ!
11:22:21 From Cousin Russ : WikiTree YouTube
11:22:41 From Pamela Wells : Thank you very much Myrtle!
11:22:54 From Pamela Wells : Thank you Hilary!

11:23:36 From Cousin Russ : Gary G the “History Hunter” in Forum? See “Why do Ancestry citations contain the website and original information as a single layer?
11:26:11 From Randy Seaver : scroll down a bit for EE answer
11:27:40 From Randy Seaver : is the first type, and FamilySearch does both types – one for indexed records, the other for digital microfilm without indexed images
11:31:37 From Randy Seaver : A lot of Ancestry databases have waypoints in the string at the top of the image – I usually cite that in the Source Detail of the citation.
11:32:38 From Randy Seaver : .
11:33:52 From Devon Lee : I really love those waypoints
11:35:31 From Randy Seaver : I know I have WorldvitalRecords, Mocavo, MooseRoots and several more removed sites in my source citations.
11:35:34 From Randy Seaver : .
11:36:08 From Marcia Philbrick : When you document sites as cousin Russ suggested, one should be able to find it on the Wayback machine.
11:36:11 From Randy Seaver : The only solution is to download the record image and the citation and add it o your tree.
11:36:22 From Randy Seaver : .
11:36:58 From Randy Seaver : I’m not sure that the Wayback Machine has every dynamic web page with the images or record summary. I doubt that they do.
11:38:35 From Hilary Gadsby : We need to include enough detail so that it can be found even if the website changes the original record is the important part
11:38:44 From DearMYRTLE . to All panelists : The Way Back Machine
11:39:08 From garygauthier : The National Archives also has an archive of its web pages e.g. 1837Online
11:39:22 From Cousin Russ : The Way Back Machine
11:40:21 From Graham Walter : Have a good trip Russ
11:40:33 From Cecelia DeBolt : Thank you! Great session!
11:40:47 From Pamela Wells : Thank you all for your expertise in so many areas Panel!
11:40:57 From Doris Haskell : Thank you, everyone. Have a great trip, Russ.
11:41:08 From Pamela Wells : Safe travels, Russ!
11:41:10 From Graham Walter : Have a great everyone

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ARCHIVED: Mondays with Myrt 25 Feb 2019 #RootsTech Bound


What a crazy morning we had at the world-famous Family History Library in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. This webinar brought together professional genealogists and DNA experts from all over the world. We send out a big thank-you to Roger Moffatt, our camera person, as well as Graham Walter and Mr. Myrt who cycled guests in and out of our production booth. Cousin Russ held down the fort with the Zoom webinar technology, and Randy Seaver located every link we mentioned, so Ol’ Myrt here could concentrate on the interviews. As you can see, a good time was had by all.



00:34:32               Robbin Smith:    greetings from Miami

00:34:59               Randy Seaver:   greetings from sunny Chula Vista

00:35:02               Hilary Gadsby:   Over 20c in Wales today

00:35:06               Pam Helm:          Good morning from chilly Canada

00:35:25               Doris Haskell:     Greeting from Rock Springs, Wyoming, where it’s above 30 degrees for the first time in a while.

00:35:36               Gary Gauthier:  Hello from COLDDDDD Calgary!

00:35:36               Mary Lou Gravatt:           Hello from Windy New Jersey.

00:35:43               Sheryl Whisenhunt:        Good Morning from Pollock Pines California.

00:36:28               Hilary Gadsby:   68°F is 20 Celsius

00:36:51               Hilary Gadsby:   and it is Winter

00:37:18               Yvonne Demoskoff:        Watching from Hope, British Columbia!

00:38:49               Cousin Russ:       #RootsTech check-in is in a completely different place this year!😳🤔🤣🤗😊

00:39:16               Louis Kessler:     Hi all. A healthy -15 F in Winnipeg (-26 C) without wind chill. #NotAtRootsTech 🙁

00:40:25               Dave Robison:   Winds gusting to 65 here in Western Massachusetts!!

00:41:00               Hilary Gadsby:   Louis also #NotAtRootsTech this year at least not until October when I go to London

00:41:11               Robbin Smith:    I like Heredis web searches

00:41:52               Louis Kessler:     Hi Myrt, Russ, Jill and everybody. Next time I come to RootsTech, I’ll make sure I’ll arrive on Sunday so I can pop in with you at the Library.

00:42:17               Hilary Gadsby:

00:45:19               Hilary Gadsby:   Hi Laura and Cheryl

00:46:39               Randy Seaver:   I always thought it was a fashion statement…until Thomas wore his big ones

00:48:05               Louis Kessler:     I proudly have three sets of blogger beads from Myrt, plus one I got at an Ontario Genealogical Conference which was following Myrt’s example.


GeneaBloggers Announces Premium Level of Membership – Note:  A free, basic membership category will still be offered, and all current members will be “grandfathered in” at this level. So, don’t worry, the membership you already have won’t be going away!   Join Now for a Special Introductory Offer! $30.00 $20.00 – RootsTech Special Offer (good through the end of March)!

00:50:55               Sheryl Whisenhunt:        Congratulations Pat.

00:52:15               Louis Kessler:     Congrats to Myrt, the first lifetime Geneablogger Premium Member.

00:53:15               Cousin Russ:       It was very easy to sign up

00:53:49               Hilary Gadsby:   Pat can bring mine with her in June when she comes to England

00:54:09               Deb Andrew:     What about those of us that are micro bloggers?

00:54:26               Randy Seaver:   Jasia on Creative Gene was the creator of the Carnival of Genealogy – we went for several years

00:55:15               Cousin Russ:       Hi ya Roger

00:55:22               Hilary Gadsby:   Lots of bloggers here today

00:56:03               Randy Seaver:   Yaw-sha is how Jasia pronounces it.  I’ve met her.  A real sweetheart.

00:56:53               Doris Haskell:     Say their names again please?

00:57:14               Louis Kessler:     Micro bloggers can pay $2 ten times.

00:57:37               Yvonne Demoskoff:        Funny, Louis 🙂

00:59:52               Dave Robison:   I’m shocked that you have managed to keep Kathy in one place for more than 12 seconds! I’ve never met anyone with more energy!!

01:01:32               Randy Seaver:   Carol Petranek’s blog is Spartan Roots –

01:04:47               Randy Seaver:  You can see many examples of the probate records being digitized on James Tanner’s Genealogy’s Star blog

01:05:43               Randy Seaver:   Some of my wife’s ancestors are in those probate records at Maryland archives.

01:07:33               Doris Haskell:     I owe deep gratitude to all those digitizers.  Thank you!  You have changed my research life.

01:08:37               Doris Haskell:     Would she want to get a rubber stamp made to add to her website to her business card?

01:09:25               Yvonne Demoskoff:        Hi Sharn and Jill, Commonwealth Girls!

01:10:04               Randy Seaver:   They got from Oz to SLC the day before they left, right?

01:13:21               Hilary Gadsby:

01:13:25               Randy Seaver:   Sharn White’s genealogy blog is at

01:13:58               Randy Seaver:   Jill Ball’s genealogy blog is

01:15:20               Randy Seaver:   I told Sharn the story of my wife’s great-grandmother, Jane Whittle born in Australia, and lived on Sussex Street in Sydney in 1850 time.  Sharn went and found the spot.

01:16:45               Marian Koalski: Yes, are expanding in a very positive way. They’re also adding closed captioning— good for unfamiliar terms.

01:17:47               Hilary Gadsby:   It is wonderful when you find the place if it is still there

01:19:37               Dave Robison:   Russ…I’m going to bow out in a couple of minutes to get to the Archives for our docent meeting.

01:21:23               Hilary Gadsby:   I know Marwell. I grew up in Hampshire

01:22:53               Hilary Gadsby:   I am meeting up with more WikiTree friends in June. Met up with a cousin on Friday.

01:23:35               Randy Seaver:   Kirsty would be a good WACKY Wednesday guest …

01:24:06               Randy Seaver:   but it’s like 2 in the morning when live.

01:25:48               Hilary Gadsby:   Nathan Goodwin [our favorite genealogy mystery writer] says he is 348 miles from Salt Lake City

01:26:52               Randy Seaver:   I want to hear Ole jokes…

01:28:09               Hilary Gadsby:   My cousin posted photos from Marwell Zoo today

01:31:25               Randy Seaver:   FamilySearch Research Wiki main page is

01:32:17               Randy Seaver:   Familysearch Catalog with digital microfilm is

01:36:09               Hilary Gadsby:

01:37:50               Doris Haskell:     Welcome, ladies.  I told my son I would be seeing several genealogy celebrities today.  He thinks that’s an interesting combination of words.  Genealogy celebrities.  You are!

01:41:41               Randy Seaver:   Deborah Abbott’s APG page is

01:43:57               Randy Seaver:   Judy Muhn’s blog/website is

01:45:15               Yvonne Demoskoff:        I was in your French-Canadian session at RT last year, Judy. Good stuff 🙂

01:49:19               Yvonne Demoskoff:        Not there this year…

01:51:18               Randy Seaver:   Ellen Thompson Jennings is the Hound on the Hunt – blog is

01:52:08               Randy Seaver:   Jenny  Hawran blog is at

01:52:43               Randy Seaver:   hurry-up Tierra!! [She was flying in to Salt Lake City, and managed to catch the live webinar while in the air. Isn’t technology AMAZING?]

01:52:52               Hilary Gadsby:   Hi Tierra

01:53:10               Hilary Gadsby:   have a great time

01:59:04               Randy Seaver:   Shop the Hound is at

01:59:55               Tierra Cotton-Kellow:     Hi Ms. Pat! Hello Ladies!

02:00:06               Tierra Cotton-Kellow:     I’m on the plane…

02:00:15               Cousin Russ:       on her plane

02:00:47               Hilary Gadsby:   Hi Michelle

02:01:22               Tierra Cotton-Kellow:     Marie!! Bonjour!

02:01:47               Hilary Gadsby:   Hi Marie and John

02:01:59               Randy Seaver:   Marie Cappart’s website is

02:02:40               Randy Seaver:   John Boeren’s website is

02:07:31               Randy Seaver:   I agree – everybody should do genealogy.  You find out that we are all related to each other and our personal world expands/

02:09:09               Hilary Gadsby:   Are John and Marie coming to Birmingham in June

02:09:12               Marian Koalski: Learning about earlier generations’ troubles can help us cope with our own. “If she got through THAT, I can get through this little thing.”

02:09:28               Hilary Gadsby:   See you there

02:13:41               Hilary Gadsby:   I have started Welsh classes

02:17:34               Hilary Gadsby:   Hi Audrey

02:19:54               Randy Seaver:   hi Audrey and Maria.

02:20:53               Randy Seaver:   and after you put it on the hard drive, you add it to a cloud website like Google drive or Dropbox or iDrive.

02:23:00               Hilary Gadsby:   Must visit TNA when I come to London in October for RootsTech London

02:23:10               Randy Seaver:   The National Archives (UK) blog is

02:26:33               Hilary Gadsby:   The catalogue is great

02:28:18               Hilary Gadsby:

02:29:15               Hilary Gadsby:   Hi Kirsty

02:29:36               Randy Seaver:   Kirsty Gray’s Family wise Ltd. blog is

02:33:48               Randy Seaver:   I have been amazed by some of the challenges that Kirsty’s firm has solved.

02:34:19               Hilary Gadsby:   Hope to visit you in May when we are in Wiltshire

02:36:56               Randy Seaver:   a lot of energy at the table there…

02:39:56               Hilary Gadsby:   Hi Else I found an interesting relationship this week

02:41:19               Randy Seaver:   Society of Genealogists in UK is

02:41:55               Hilary Gadsby:   My father’s 2nd cousin married the BIL of my uncle on my mother’s side

02:44:41               Hilary Gadsby:   Maybe I am her cousin as my family are from the South coast

02:45:51               Randy Seaver:   I have 19th century immigrants from Somerset (South Petherton) and Wiltshire (Hilperton), and 17th century ancestor immigrants from l amost every county in England.  But not Wales, Scotland or Ireland!

02:49:25               Randy Seaver:   Luana Darby’s APG page is at

02:50:24               Randy Seaver:   Roberta Estes blog is DNA eXplained – Genetic Genealogy at

02:50:37               Hilary Gadsby:   Hi Roberta and Luana

02:51:46               Randy Seaver:   Found Luana’s webpage at

02:58:03               Louis Kessler:     Hi Daniel.

02:58:08               Hilary Gadsby:   Hi Thom and Daniel

02:58:31               Randy Seaver:   Hi Thom and Daniel!

02:59:01               Randy Seaver:   Ask Daniel about the Theory of Family Relativity status.

02:59:27               Doris Haskell:     Hello!  Thom and Daniel.  It’s so awesome to see you!  I’ll be finding you to share a little hug.

03:01:08               Robbin Smith:    MyHeritage DNA has broken down Irish family brick wall for me

03:02:13               Randy Seaver:   MyHeritageDNA has cracked my adopted 2nd great-grandfather’s line – I have a match with the right surname in the right place, but don’t have the parent’s names yet.

03:02:40               Robbin Smith:    I was lucky I got a response from the match

03:02:43               Randy Seaver:   I do know the grandparents’ names!

03:07:28               Hilary Gadsby:   I had relatives last year


03:09:18               Randy Seaver:   RootsTech 2019 Handout blog post is

03:09:18               Hilary Gadsby:   I need to get food as well

03:11:42               Doris Haskell:     Thank you!  Thank you!  This was wonderful!

03:11:59               Louis Kessler:     Bye all. Great session!

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DearMYRTLE’s RootsTech 2019 SLC Plans

RootsTech_Generic_CroppedThe world’s largest genealogy/technology conference will take place next week at #RootsTech 2019 at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City, Utah. The conference itself begins Wednesday, 27 Feb and concludes 2 March. Here’s how DearMYRTLE’s week looks at this point.

Monday, 25 Feb 2019 – 10am to Noon. Early arrivals may join Mondays with Myrt in-person as we broadcast from the 3rd floor conference room across from the elevators at the world-famous Family History Library in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. Others may attend virtually by going to:

Monday, 25 Feb 2019 – 1pm Group lunch at LDS Church Office Building, lower level. Weather permitting, Ol’ Myrt will drive her “electric chair” through Temple Square. Follow along if you’ve never been to the employees’ cafeteria in the lower level of this facility. Wonderful selection of food, great prices.



Tuesday, 26 February 2019 – 1pm Group lunch at the Blue Lemon, 55 West South Temple,Salt Lake City. It’s directly across the street from the south entrance to Temple Square.


findmypast 2017Wednesday, 27 February 2019 – 12pm FindMyPast Panel Participant, Lunch Room 2 at the Salt Palace. We are discussing the FamilySearch-FindMyPast one-of-a-kind online tree. Hosted by Ben Bennett, Managing Director of Family History at FMP.

Most of DearMYRTLE’s time will be spent doing AmbushCAM interviews featuring attendees, vendors, presenters & the like. I’ll be uploading them to DearMYRTLE’s YouTube Channel each night.

AmbushCAM RootsTech

Friday, 1 March 2019 – 12:15pm Promptly. GeneaBloggersTRIBE Photo Op, near the media hub in the exhibit hall. Wear your blogger beads from previous years. Several presenters have mic checks for the next hour, so please don’t be late.

Saturday, 2 March 2019 – 6:30pm to 9pm Open House. DearMYRTLE’s annual RootsTech After Party for genealogy bloggers, webmasters, videographers and other family history nuts. Here’s the link to RSVP ASAP.


ARCHIVED: Mondays with Myrt – 5 Nov 2018


As usual we discuss the latest genea-news that’s come across our desk including:

  • WWI Conclusion
  • The Library and Archives of Canada
  • The Canadian Expeditionary Forces
  • Cousin Russ’ new Blue Yeti microphone
  • Kathryn Lake Hogan’s Thursday Canadian Research With a Twist webinars
  • MyHeritage Users Conference Oslo 2018
  • MyHeritage announces extracting DNA from our ancestors’ envelopes and stamps
  • Pat Kuhn’s report to FamilySearch about an error message.
  • Family History Ron reported the FamilySearch Family Tree has issues that are being addressed by programmers starting Monday, 5 Nov 2018, hopefully concluding late Friday, 9 Nov 2018.



10:00:47 From Deb Andrew : Good morning.
10:03:49 From Hilary Gadsby : I am trying to decide whether to come on train or drive to Birmingham.
10:04:11 From Jenny Hawran to All panelists : Hello from Connecticut 🙂

November is (US) National Native American Heritage month.
To celebrate, we’re offering free access* to our Native American collection November 1-15 until midnight Mountain Time.

Sunday, Nov 11, 2018 marks 100 years since WWI.

10:06:16 From Cousin Russ to All panelists :

10:07:31 From Betty-Lu Burton : I think here in the USA many people do not realize the significance of Nov 11. They tend to put all Veterans together on this day.
10:07:47 From Hilary Gadsby :
10:08:36 From Deb Andrew : I had my first DNA match that was across the pond. They had a tree and matched with mine. I had five total matches to this person who is in England.
10:09:03 From Jenny Hawran to All panelists : I’m participating in Healther Rojo’s Honor Roll project. I’ve transcribed 3 monuments in my town with photos for my blog. It is amazing when you really LOOK at these monuments and see family names you recognize from your town

10:09:04 From Yvonne Demoskoff : Your voice seems a bit deeper with that desk mic, Russ
10:10:36 From Betty-Lu Burton : Headphones and earbuds, for me my ear ringing just gets louder

10:12:43 From Dave Robison : Heard a great presentation for David Allen Lambert yesterday at the MSOG annual conference. He spoke mostly about WW I and especially about Canadian records at It’s a site I’ve used to get an enormous amount of information on my materenal grandfather’s experience in the Canadian Expeditionary Forces.

10:12:47 From Pat Kuhn : taking a picture of my grandfather’s military stone showed that the dates were wrong
10:12:47 From Marian Koalski : I’m surprised that he could find your phone number, Russ!
10:12:53 From Hilary Gadsby to All panelists : The link I posted includes information about events in Denmark and Germany
10:14:55 From Betty-Lu Burton : It is booming outside now. Here in Arkansas
10:15:43 From Yvonne Demoskoff : Search is In the sidebar on the top left
10:15:45 From Rachel Evans : I’ve also used the Canadian expeditionary Forces records. Discovered a relative who enlisted as Applegate but later changed it later to the original very German sounding name. It was very informative.
10:16:54 From Yvonne Demoskoff : try the previous page
10:17:04 From Yvonne Demoskoff : seems like you get general search results
10:18:14 From Denise Coughlin : Yes, Kathryn’s webinars are also great!
10:18:19 From Dave Robison :
10:18:49 From bjanvier to All panelists : Can you give a link to Kathryn’s webinars?
10:19:24 From jeannecourval : Also, that is the name of person who has webinar on thursdays?
10:20:28 From Hilary Gadsby to All panelists : This is what I was talking about
10:20:41 From Karen Trearchis : Wow, you are so lucky Dave! My grandpa was WWI US
10:21:02 From jeannecourval : I have a distant cousin who served in WWI, but he had enlisted in Navy rather than was drafted. Where would I find more about him?

10:23:19 From Randy Seaver : So the DNA challenge will be to get the DNA from the envelope or stamped that our Civil War pension guy sent in
10:25:15 From Karen Trearchis : So cool! I have a couple of letters from my grandmother and want this done!
10:25:29 From Betty-Lu Burton : Has MyHeritage posted any of the conference on the Internet? I heard that they may be posting some of the sessions, but am not sure where.
10:25:33 From Pat Kuhn : I have a letter my great grandfather sent to my father
10:26:32 From Randy Seaver : The MH Live videos aren the MyHeritage Users Group Facebook page.
10:26:37 From Christine Cotton : Don’t forget the possibility that the postmaster licked and affixed the envelope for your ancestor!
10:26:43 From Danine Cozzens : Could DNA be extracted from one of those hair wreaths done in the 19th c? Would not know whose hair was which tho. Interesting project.
10:27:29 From Randy Seaver : They said that hair was not able to be analyzed like that
10:28:08 From Louis Kessler : Once you get the DNA results, you’ll be able to determine whether it was from a relative or not, and if so, it shouldn’t be too hard to determine who.
10:28:26 From Randy Seaver : The MyHeritage LIVE videos are on They will be on Family Tree Webinars at some point
10:28:40 From Dave Robison : Is that Roberta Estes?
10:28:52 From Randy Seaver : yes, it is roberta
10:29:01 From Dave Robison : Tx Randy!
10:31:24 From Cousin Russ : Redux of MyHeritage LIVE (videos)
10:31:54 From Betty-Lu Burton : I tried to watch one of the sessions but my internet kept refreshing and it was to distracting
10:32:20 From Bill West : Good afternoon from Massachusetts. Finally!
10:34:22 From Louis Kessler : That was a question from a person in the audience that referred to “infidelity”
10:34:29 From Karen Trearchis : Excellent point Pat.
10:35:22 From bjanvier to All panelists : It is a closed group can’t see archives.
10:36:09 From Betty-Lu Burton : I just asked to join the MyHeritage facebook page.
10:37:09 From Cousin Russ : US – WDYTYA starts Dec 3 on TLC at 10pm Eastern.
10:37:55 From Doris Haskell : Henry Louis Gates has a new series beginning in January
10:38:19 From Betty-Lu Burton : Yes this is his birthday month, He is 30 and holding says his daughter that is approaching 30 herself
10:39:12 From Randy Seaver : FH Ron is one of my YouTube subscriptions.
10:39:19 From Cousin Russ : Family History Ron on FB
10:39:49 From Betty-Lu Burton : Family History Ron will answer your questions concerning FamilySearch/ FamilyTree
10:40:33 From Betty-Lu Burton : He is not afraid to let you know that he does not know.
10:40:33 From Randy Seaver : Family History Ron YouTube channel is
10:43:55 From cyndy Bray : Are there tutorials on th FS family tree? I tried to fix the wrong parentage for my 2nd GGrandmother and instead of fixing it I just made it worse
10:45:46 From Valerie Lisk : Cyndy, they are on on the BYU page.
10:46:21 From cyndy Bray : Thanks Valarie
10:46:21 From Randy Seaver : Cyndy, The Family History Guide has tutorials too – see
10:46:33 From Valerie Lisk : Now, when I am on the person page on FS and click view tree, I get a 404 error message.
10:47:12 From Valerie Lisk : YWCyndy
10:48:53 From Hilary Gadsby to All panelists : I have added Hugh’s record from 1870 census.
10:49:46 From jeannecourval : One other way to tackle this might be to go to and pull up the census record there. If there error is in the record, you can leave a note as to why it should be changed.
10:50:11 From jeannecourval : It may be that the is getting its info from
10:50:37 From Randy Seaver : We all have a number on FamilySearch Family Tree – I am LH5N-K6D but you can’t see my info because I think I’m still living
10:52:17 From Valerie Lisk : Randy, you are correct. You ARE still living.
10:52:58 From Randy Seaver : LOL Valerie, I guess so, but how do you know i’m not a time traveler from the future?
10:54:37 From Pat Kuhn to All panelists :
10:54:48 From Valerie Lisk : Randy, would you consider being a time traveler from the past? I have lots of questions you could help with.
10:54:56 From Randy Seaver : BYU Family History Library YouTube channel is It has many tutorials and presentations about Family Tree
10:56:34 From Cousin Russ : Jeannecourval — do you have a question ?
10:57:57 From Deb Andrew : I’ve had it were I found a record and it will not let me attach the record to the person. I also have another person changing info on my great grandparents saying they immigrated to the states in 1879. They were not even a live at the time. The parents visist back and forth, but immigrated in 1906 and naturalized in 1915.
10:58:54 From Betty-Lu Burton : Here is the URL for a new BYU video on correcting gender and relationships
10:59:15 From jeannecourval : No question – I put my comment about going back to the link in Ancestry to see what is listed there.
10:59:26 From Susan Ennis : The director of our local Family History Center offers a time slot for patrons to get assistance with these types of problems. We really appreciate our local director!
10:59:48 From Susan Ennis : sorry..that is time slot!
11:00:02 From Deb Andrew : I was lucky that I have the information on the naturalization as it was a big write up in the newspaper as a father and son were naturalized at the same time.
11:00:37 From Valerie Lisk : Once they are finished with the recoding, will that corrrect not being able to go to a person’s tree from their person page?
11:01:05 From jeannecourval : I just checked and the record is correct
11:01:29 From Cousin Russ : The Family History Guide has tutorials too – see .

11:01:47 From Cousin Russ : Hilary’s RootsTech pass contest is live:
11:02:07 From Randy Seaver : I haven’t started my RootsTech contest yet…
11:04:06 From bjanvier to All panelists : Do you have a link about the FS Coders working this week?
11:04:37 From Randy Seaver : James Tanner and Sue Maxwell and others are drivers of the Family History Guide
11:05:17 From Devon Lee : I can come in if you want
11:06:22 From Deb Andrew : No pain, no gain Devon.
11:14:50 From Cousin Russ : Findmypast Friday November 2nd
British Irish Military Records COVER 1
11:20:14 From Cousin Russ : DearMYRTLE’s British & Irish Military Records Study Group
11:20:33 From Deb Andrew : He is funny.
11:22:17 From Deb Andrew : I have an all access subscription. You can do a monthly as well.
11:23:32 From Cousin Russ :
11:27:21 From Cousin Russ :
11:27:24 From Doris Haskell : What was the name of that mystery author again? Jane Sinclair?
11:28:11 From Doris Haskell : Thanks. M. J. Lee?
11:28:29 From Cousin Russ : Christmas truce
11:29:43 From Pat Richley-Erickson to All panelists :
11:29:50 From Maria Tegtmeier  :
11:29:54 From Doris Haskell : Yay! Thanks, Deb Andrew
11:30:36 From Randy Seaver : My CVGS Workshop blog post is
11:31:38 From Bill West to All panelists : There was a song written about it, “Christmas in the Trenches”
11:32:16 From Cousin Russ : Silent Night ??? Mr West ???
11:33:42 From Cousin Russ : or was it Land of Hope and Glory – Men of Harlech
11:34:18 From Maria Tegtmeier to All panelists : I think that a lot of people also don’t know what questions to ask.
11:34:32 From Hilary Gadsby : I was looking at someone on FamilySearch earlier and prior to that I was looking at a search for someone else now when I go to attach a record it wants to attach it to the last person I was looking at rather than the person in the search. I wonder if this is what happened to Pat.
11:35:45 From Susan Ennis : Our local genealogy society has partnered with our Local FHC director to publicize. This has increased visitors to the FHC.
11:36:16 From Devon Lee : Around here in Houston, folks prefer to go to the large library in Houston – Clayton, rather than the FHC. They’ll also rather go to the public library than the FHC. One FHC is in entirely the wrong place… not close to anything.
11:37:05 From jeannecourval : Randy , can you send us that “guide” as well? I have tried to use the catalog without a lot of success.
11:37:30 From Cousin Russ : its been posted several times earlier
11:37:54 From jeannecourval : OK, How do I find it?
11:38:01 From Cousin Russ :
11:38:14 From jeannecourval : Thank you.
11:38:27 From Cousin Russ : scroll up the chat
11:39:00 From Doris Haskell : We are holding a series of open houses at our FHC in an attempt to get the word out that we are interested in helping our entire community.
11:39:02 From Randy Seaver : JeanneCourval – send me an email please also on Family Tree Webinars
11:39:54 From Pat Kuhn : was using this over the weekend, only way to find Luzerne County PA records
11:39:57 From Joanne Parkes : Sadly the Family History Center in Flagstaff, AZ where I’d been volunteering (as a non LDS member) on Tuesday mornings, just restricted it’s hours to only Wednesday evenings. The church had a difficult time finding volunteers and the reality was that very few people came to use these wonderful resources.
11:40:49 From Doris Haskell : Grocery store lines are wonderful. You have a captive audience.

DearMYRTLE AfterParty by Teri Chaffin with credit

IMAGE: DearMYRTLE AfterParty created by by Teri Chaffin. Thank-you dear Teri.

11:41:37 From Maria Tegtmeier : “Bling”
11:41:44 From Devon Lee : Bling
11:42:45 From cyndy Bray : Love it wonder what font she used

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ARCHIVED: Mondays with Myrt – 26 Mar 2018

DearMYRTLE's Mondays with Myrt

Powerful breakthroughs happen during Mondays with Myrt, our flagship webinar, held most weeks of the year. We talk about anything and everything that’s come across our genea-desks during the past week. Among other things, today’s episode includes:

  • Dave’s #RootsTech experience (how to handle big genealogy conferences)
  • Other large-scale conferences, outside the genealogy vertical
  • Guild of One Name Studies
  • Why blog?
  • New York Genealogical & Biographical Society
  • Reclaim the Records & RPAC (Records Preservation and Access Committee)


00:22:01 Yvonne Demoskoff: I finally made it in 🙂
00:22:23 Sheryl Whisenhunt: Yippee, you made it. The update wiped out my RM7 key. Had to request it again from RM.
00:22:23 Danine Cozzens: Happy to be in! I had to exit and re-register. Glad you are all here.
00:22:26 AnnaMatthews: Went to NARA NY for first in series – Finding Family Genealogy Series. First one was Joshua Taylor speaking about NYG&B. Also wanted to talk about NYC vital records access. I have a few links for that and for the NYG&B.
00:23:03 Doris Haskell: I made it on my iPad using Safari
00:23:06 Denise Coughlin: I did the re-registering trick too! Guess it is really a Monday 🙂
00:23:41 Janine Edmée Hakim: Good sunny day to ne and all
00:25:07 Sheryl Whisenhunt: Happy Birthday again, Lisa, if you do show up.
00:25:17 Bill West: Phew. Finally here from sunny, chilly Massachusetts.

00:25:29 Cheri Passey: Loved meeting you at RootsTech, Dave!!
00:25:51 Melinda Culpon: Dave just had too much fun at RootsTech!
00:26:00 Cousin Russ: RootsTech
00:26:08 JoAnn Lawrence: Does any one remember the website about maps from last week? I seem to have lost the link. [Old Maps Online ]
00:26:24 HilaryGadsby: It was great to meet so many online friends at RootsTech

00:27:10 Cousin Russ: New England Regional Genealogical Consortium
00:27:24 RandySeaver: Jamboree has about 1500-2000 each year
00:27:25 Melinda Culpon: It was great getting together with everyone! That was the best part of Rootstech
00:27:32 AnnaMatthews: Looking forward to attending NERGC next year!
00:28:01 JoAnn Lawrence: I had problems finding the blog this week. Maybe it was all the snow we have this last week. I’ll try again. Thanks
00:28:15 Deb Andrew: I think they need to talk to the people who organize the Houston Quilt Show. They have tons of classes and lots of people who attended.
00:29:00 Danine Cozzens: Was this the one about maps?
00:32:52 JoAnn Lawrence: No, the one about overlapping maps.
00:33:20 Susan Bleimehl: JoAnn, I also had trouble finding last Monday’s MWM. Still haven’t seen it.

00:33:30 Cousin Russ: National Genealogical Society –
00:33:56 Doris Haskell: I used to go to big Amway conferences, 20 years ago, and this RootsTech is very good, in my view.

FGS logo
00:34:05 Cousin Russ: Federation of Genealogical Society –
00:34:30 JoAnn Lawrence: Thanks, I thought it was me. I’ll keep trying.
00:34:32 HilaryGadsby: MwM from last week may not be up on YouTube yet check Myrt’s Musings blog
00:34:52 Dawn Carlile: I always fly in Saturday morning arriving at 8:40ish and spend the day at the FHL, relax on Sunday then have two more days at the FHL before RootsTech. It really helps.

00:36:09 Cousin Russ: Quilt Festival Houston
00:36:25 Dawn Carlile: I also review the handouts to determine if the session is really going to give me what I want before I decide which ones to attend. There are a lot of beginner level sessions that I can skip and very few advanced sessions that I truly must go to.
00:36:29 RandySeaver: There were more complaints at RootsTech because they changed the class entry rules. Nobody expected that, and it was a negative change. Hence more complaints.

00:37:15 Bill West: I’ve attended 6 World Science Fiction Conventions when I was younger. I went to Denver, (by bus), Chicago (by bus) and Baltimore (by train) for three of them. The other three were in Boston. I learned to pace myself and chose panels that were close together at the site. I visited the vendor hall several times over the thee days and was like a kid in a candy shop.
00:37:59 Melinda Culpon: The George R Brown and the Salt Palace are comparable size
00:39:52 Bill West: Best long line I was ever in was at Denver where the line moved ahead to a guy playing the Darth Vader March on an accordion.
00:39:57 Danine Cozzens: JoAnn, I don’t have the overlapping map link saved and will have to review the MWM to find it. (Forgot to save it in OneTab!)
00:40:41 Melinda Culpon: need chat only russ
00:42:56 Danine Cozzens: Re: overlapping maps:
00:43:44 JoAnn Lawrence: Thank you, thank you, thank you.
00:44:28 Yvonne Demoskoff: maybe RT could repeat some classes based on the popularity of speaker
00:44:55 Valerie Lisk: When we have out St Louis Genealogical Society meeting, they have you check the classes you are interested on the registration form so they have a rough idea of how many people may attend.
00:45:09 Danine Cozzens: More historic mapping:
00:45:59 JoAnn Lawrence: Thank you.
00:47:01 Karen Trearchis: Would you be able to put the overflow for a DNA class in a another room with a screen or two to watch the live stream.
00:47:34 Cousin Russ:
00:47:46 Dawn Carlile: DNA sessions should be held in a portion of the general session room as they have done in the past.
00:48:33 RandySeaver: I don’t recall scanning badges for the Keynotes
00:48:42 HilaryGadsby: I know some people watched the keynote sessions on the streaming to avoid the crush afterwards
00:49:28 Deb Andrew: Take it easy and get well.
00:49:43 Rachel Evans: Your health is more important.
00:49:44 Sheryl Whisenhunt: Hugs back.
00:49:46 Deb Andrew: Hugs, Hugs, Hugs
00:50:07 HilaryGadsby: Guild of One Name Studies
00:50:21 Susan Bleimehl: You ARE good. 🙂 Health is more important than posting.
00:50:24 Janine Edmée Hakim: DearMyrt….{ { { }}}
00:51:04 Danine Cozzens: Take your time to get well! You can see how much we value what you do; and someone will have the correct link to post.
00:54:16 JoAnn Lawrence: Please take your time and get well. I can view this later. Your health is more important.
00:54:47 Shelley Murphy: @Susan Bleimehl that is so true! Health is important. Hugs to all.
00:54:58 DearMYRTLE: THANK YOU for being understanding!
00:56:34 RandySeaver: remember the UK history centres have 1000 years of history to deal with

00:56:40 Melinda Culpon: National Railway Museum is FABULOUS!
00:57:13 Cousin Russ:

01:01:32 Deb Andrew: 2x great and great grandfather were coal miners in England and the States.

Borthwick Institute

01:02:35 Cousin Russ:
01:02:37 AnnaMatthews: My great-grandfather Matthews’ baptismal record says his father was a disabled coal miner. They lived in Coleford.
01:03:40 Rachel Evans: My husband’s step-grandfather had some coal miner ancestors from Yorkshire. Thanks for the links.

01:03:55 DearMYRTLE:
01:03:57 DaveRobison: The Museum of Springfield (Mass) Hisotry and Archives has records dating to 1636, the year Springfield was founded.


01:04:32 HilaryGadsby:
01:06:01 Deb Andrew: It will add on to an existing membership. If you are a member you will get 5% off.
01:06:18 Dawn Carlile: Blaine Bettinger has a 5 course series on DNA on FamilyTree Webinars.
01:06:54 Valerie Lisk: From Thomas MacEntee; PLUS use promo code THOMAS15 at checkout and the price is just $24.21!
01:07:06 Valerie Lisk: Wow Russ!
01:08:59 Karen Trearchis: I listened to this and have been using the tools they used during the webinar! Have been great time.
01:09:15 HilaryGadsby: I learnt things from the hands on presentation by Geoff

01:10:31 Randy Seaver: Why I blog – see
01:11:58 Bill West: Randy’s blog was one of several that inspired me to blog about my own family research.It’s all his fault! 🙂
01:12:46 Deb Andrew: Are you related to Gov Seiver. The Owsley Society is going to visit his home during their conference.
01:14:05 Danine Cozzens: Randy, that is so inspirational.
01:16:53 Dawn Carlile: Randy and John, you are so amazing and such an inspiration to the rest of us. I need to start blogging. Turn off the TV and do genealogy!
01:17:00 Rachel Evans: I love reading your blog Randy. Even better we are both descended from the Bloodgoods.

01:18:50 Dawn Carlile: Me, too! One of my DNA matches has 48,000 people in their tree but not much info.
01:20:28 RandySeaver: Deb, Gov Sevier of state of Franklin is another line, out of Virginia. From France, as I recall.
01:20:30 DearMYRTLE: Cousin Russ’ A Worthington Weblog:
01:20:46 DearMYRTLE: Cousin Russ’ YouTube Channel:
01:20:55 Karen Trearchis: Since listening to Geoff (Legacy webinar) I have been using the tools demonstrated and comparing my Dad’s side of tree with relatives, captioning the ethnicity maps and total percentages. The comparisons are my Uncle, my brother, my first cousin, my sons and myself. I sent this out to my cousins and Uncles, hoping more will test. BTW my Dad came from a family of 10. My ethnicities (from Dad) are 38.9% Greek; 9.1 Balkan; 4.9 East European. Then I sent out a copy of the matches of the relatives listed above to the majority of my cousins and Uncle.
01:23:50 HilaryGadsby: You can stay at Morton’s house! 😳🤗😯 New post on Facebook from Nathan Dylan Goodwin
01:23:51 RandySeaver: What Russ has brought to the FTM community has been priceless and ongoing – the logic is impeccable, and the techniques admirable.
01:24:26 Cousin Russ:
01:24:40 Karen Trearchis: I appreciate the tips given in Randy and Cousin Russ blogs! Thanks guys.
01:25:17 RandySeaver: I looked at my Graveyard Rabbit blog recently and the last post was 2010. Oh well.
01:26:27 Cousin Russ:

Billion Graves
01:27:44 Cousin Russ: Billion Graves

01:27:46 DearMYRTLE:

01:28:14 Cousin Russ: Went to NARA NY for first in series – Finding Family Genealogy Series. First one was Joshua Taylor speaking about NYG&B.
01:28:30 Cousin Russ: Also wanted to talk about NYC vital records access. I have a few links for that and for the NYG&B.
01:28:49 AnnaMatthews:

01:30:06 Cousin Russ:
01:31:19 Cousin Russ:
01:31:30 AnnaMatthews: 
The New York Genealogical and Biographical Society YouTube Channel
01:32:15 Janine Edmée Hakim: I’ve been a member for several years….they published the first in many decades York State Gazetteer ….very comprehensive organization
01:32:24 Rachel Evans: After listening to him speak I was ready to go and join. It is definitely a valuable resource for NY researchers.
01:33:00 Valerie Lisk: Click on share

01:35:01 AnnaMatthews: Eleven ways to use the NYG&B website:
01:35:40 Rachel Evans: Was great meeting you Anna!
01:36:51 Janine Edmée Hakim: Yes it is….for a long time

reclaims the records
01:37:21 Cousin Russ:

01:38:22 Cousin Russ: Records Preservation and Access Committee –  A joint committee of the Federation of Genealogical Societies, the National Genealogical Society, and the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies

01:38:33 Sheryl Whisenhunt: Go For It!
01:39:03 Cousin Russ: Amy Johnson Crowe
01:39:32 Shelley Murphy: oh I remember Linkpendium, wow!
01:39:47 DaveRobison: That’s on my list of useful websites for my ABCs classes. We’ll be going over that tonight!
01:40:32 DaveRobison: Amy will be with us om a WMGS webinar April 4th!

01:41:12 DearMYRTLE:
01:41:41 Dawn Carlile: I use it all the time.
01:42:13 Dawn Carlile: Newspapers, city directories, books
01:42:21 Dawn Carlile: County Antrim
01:43:24 Sheryl Whisenhunt: JoAnn Lawrence, do you mean the Old Maps Online ?
01:46:15 Cousin Russ:
01:47:01 Rachel Evans: Judy Russell just posted about the LOC and the Supreme Court
01:48:12 JoAnn Lawrence: Sheryl I’ll check later today, thank you. My husband is into old maps and I was hoping he would enjoy the website. Thanks.
01:48:13 Shelley Murphy: So far I have not had any success with GenealogyBank, hoping it comes up soon
01:53:39 Sheryl Whisenhunt: You are welcome JoAnn. I just happen to have had that handy this morning.
01:54:05 Deborah Giddings: Can I save the chat log?
01:55:38 Maria Tegtmeier: Is this Vietnam ship project indexed at all?
01:56:34 Rachel Evans: It’s there Russ
01:56:42 Sheryl Whisenhunt: We see it also.
01:58:23 HilaryGadsby: I need to leave see you next time.
01:59:32 Cousin Russ: And our conversation continues here — — in the DearMYRTLE Genealogy Community
01:59:40 Maria Tegtmeier: My Uncle served in Vietnam but, has passed away. I will ask my cousin if she knows what ship he sailed on.
02:00:57 Maria Tegtmeier: thanks
02:01:49 JoAnn Lawrence: Thank you.
02:02:03 RandySeaver: Been looking through the “Seaver” matches in US Serial Set on GenealogyBank. 1209 items. Several are Civil War pension bills for deceased andl iving soldiers. Excellent resource!
02:02:34 Sheryl Whisenhunt: Take it easy and take care of yourself first. You will get there.
02:02:40 Rachel Evans: Your next blog series Randy!
02:02:48 Geoff Mulholland: Thank you !! Take care
02:03:07 Shelley Murphy: Enjoyed it! Thanks
02:03:17 Bill West: Have a great genealogy week, all!
02:03:18 RandySeaver: maybe, Rachel!

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