ARCHIVED: AmericaGen Study Group & Moustache Duct Tape


What does moustache duct tape have to do with anything? During this study group, Ol’ Myrt will be wearing this sticky reminder that panel participants are taking turns moderating our discussions. Kudos to Sheri Fenley and Cheri Hudson Passey for reviewing panelist homework and conducting this Chapter 1 “Understanding Genealogical Research” webinar. Wasn’t this session fun and informative? We can all agree these two did a marvelous job.

Val Greenwoods bookSYLLABUS
The Researchers Guide to American Genealogy 4th Edition by Val D. Greenwood, 2017 (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co.) Available in paperback

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Chapter 1 “Understanding Genealogical Research” combined homework –



00:38:29 Janine Edmée Hakim: Good noon to one and all
00:38:49 Jackie Wilson: Good morning all!
00:44:38 Valerie Eichler Lair: I am SO excited for the 1st session of this study group and to see my genie-buds Sheri and Cheri as co-moderators. Great to see my fellow panelists from the GenDoc Study Group. Y’all are going to rock! 🙂
00:47:10 Cousin Russ: Chapter 1 “Understanding Genealogical Research” Homework by Shelley Viola Murphy
00:56:08 Cousin Russ: Liberty Evanko’s Chapter 1  “Understanding Genealogical Research” Homework –
00:56:16 Cary Bright: Great Job Liberty! Welcome to the DearMYRTLE Panelists Club. You will love how you stretch your comfort zone, but learn lots!
01:00:07 Cousin Russ: Sue Tolbert’s Chapter 1 “Understanding Genealogical Research” Homework

01:00:53 Valerie Eichler Lair: I have the Litchfield-Lair method…read 6+ times! LOL And review and re-read things you obtained several years ago…new outlook on things you may not have known back then. You learn as the years progress.

NGSQ Study Group
01:03:18 Cousin Russ: NGSQ Study Groups
103:22 Cousin Russ: NGSQ Study Group


01:03:32 Cary Bright: Death of my father in 1997, he was an only child and had all his mother’s photos and records. Did not know who they all were. So that started my “research”. I also took the stand that I wanted to honor some of the items and took them out of the boxes but they needed context and some of the stories. I am glad I stuck with it as I have gained so much in the process!

NGSQ in SL Promo graphic

01:03:36 Danine Cozzens: Must you be an NGS member to join the group on Second Life? [Note from Ol’ Myrt – You will not be able to view the article in advance as study group participants are required to do.]

You’ll need to create an avatar. Here’s the webinar we hosted earlier this month demonstrating how to create and maneuver your avatar. Once in Second Life, search for the Just Genealogy Fire Pit to teleport where NGSQ Study Group sessions are held.

01:05:33 Cousin Russ: Chapter 1 “Understanding Genealogical Research” Homework Cheri Hudson Passey

01:05:47 Maria Tegtmeier: The perfect storm of people and examples got me hooked to genealogy. The right people and questions about my husband’s grandmother that was smuggled into Germany from Poland was the what completely submerged me into genealogy.


01:07:27 DearMYRTLE: Evernote

01:08:55 DearMYRTLE: So the REPOSITORY Is needed because it is an unpublished manuscript available ONLY at that building.

1:10:40 Cary Bright: I love that was not mentioned once!
01:13:52 Jackie Wilson: I started my search so I could find my birth family plus trying to find my adopted father’s father’s family.
01:14:11 Robbin Smith: I got into genealogy because there was a family legend that we were related to Amy Vanderbilt
01:17:29 Danine Cozzens: I got into research when my parents brought home piles of genealogical research from a relative. They had no idea how we were related to all these Patricks. And I loved a good puzzle!

01:17:37 Cousin Russ: Sheri Fenley’s Chapter 1: “Understanding Genealogical Research,” Homework

01:19:08 Jackie Wilson: The February NGSQ study group just led me to an article I really need to read as I will be researching that county!

01:19:59 Cary Bright: The Entire Family Group is even more important with DNA matches to the point I think we need different pedigree charts that list the siblings at a quick glance.


01:20:10 Cousin Russ: Elizabeth Shown Mills’ QuickLesson 11: Identity Problems & the FAN Principle
01:20:52 Liberty Evanko: YES I feel like current pedigree charts are limiting, especially when doing DNA.
01:23:16 Robbin Smith: just came back from SLIG
01:23:34 Melinda Culpon: That is why this book is so important – covering basics
01:24:30 Cary Bright: The big take away for me is you should be always ready to learn in genealogy. The more you know the better you will do.
01:27:45 Jackie Wilson: Was that Lisa on an airplane?
01:28:13 Anna Matthews: And brave to be the first ones, too. Great job!
01:28:20 Melinda Culpon: Lisa was on a train
01:28:21 Linda Stufflebean: Thank you for taking on this challenge. I enjoyed this first session.
01:28:21 Valerie Eichler Lair: ROFLOL with the cute duct tape DearMYRTLE!!! 🙂 And yes, a GREAT job by Sheri, Cheri, and everyone’s homework.
01:28:23 Jackie Wilson: Great job!
01:28:38 Robbin Smith: great class
01:28:41 Betty-Lu Burton: A real good job
01:29:06 Leah Smith: This session was so much fun! Almost like meeting a group of friends for lunch.
01:29:06 Donna Hill: Great job, Sheri and Cheri!!
01:31:20 Cousin Russ: The Researchers Guide to American Genealogy 4th Edition by Val D. Greenwood, 2017 (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co.) Available in paperback
01:31:30 Cousin Russ: Chapter 1 combined homework
01:32:58 Robbin Smith: extended family chart
01:34:34 Joanne Shackford Parkes: Working shared DNA matches has really helped work the family lines – learn so much more as I research those various other dependencies!

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Archived: WW Second Life Avatars and Genealogy

 Second Life Avatars and Genealogy

WOW, I now understand why they call this technology a “ZOOM” webinar – because we are no longer restricted to a small rectangle for a screen share. During this webinar viewers are zooming in on DearMYRTLE’s actual desktop in 1920×1080 resolution – and the results are stunning.



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