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DearMYRTLE's Mondays with Myrt

Lately new family history researchers have been saying they are using Excel or Google Sheets to keep track of their compiled genealogy. Ol’ Myrt suggests using genealogy management software can save you having to type in the info multiple times . Then Ol’ Myrt demos RootsMagic 7 basic data entry and shows the multiplicity of reports available. This makes it so much easier to keep track of multiple spouses, attach a source to multiple individuals, upload your data to a DNA testing site, etc. Upload your tree to database & image websites such as

Find out what brought Ol’ Myrt here to tears! 


00:22:56 AnnaMatthews: Here is one of the sites: If I can share my screen I have something up that shows a historical map laid over a current map.
00:23:27 Sheryl Whisenhunt: Good Morning to everyone.
00:24:03 AnnaMatthews: This is a link to the workshop series at NY NARA:
00:24:45 Bill West: Goood morning from soon to be snowbound (maybe) Eastern Massachusetts
00:25:11 Cheri Passey: Hope everone is feeling better! Lots of illness after RootsTech!
00:28:04 Cheri Passey: I use Legacy as my working tree on my pc.
00:28:09 Dawn Carlile: PC – RootsMagic
00:28:22 Danine Cozzens: Mac Laptop with Reunion and online.
00:28:25 Cathy Naborowski: PC. I was a longtime FTM user but a couple of years ago moved to Legacy and love it.
00:28:32 Linda Stufflebean: I am mostly using RootsMagic, but I like a lot about Family Historian. I am on a PC.
00:28:49 Susan Bleimehl: On a PC laptop, I have the current FTM [Family Tree Maker] 2017 synced with Ancestry.
00:28:50 Sheryl Whisenhunt: RootsMagic7 on both PC/Laptop/cloud…windows 10 environment.
00:28:51 DearMYRTLE: Family Historian
00:28:58 Maria Tegtmeier: PC – RootsMagic
00:29:00 Sue Burns: PC. Legacy Family Tree.
00:29:14 Marian Koalski: I use Reunion 12 on a Mac. It’s okay but I wish it had Legacy’s features, like putting sources on relationships to parents.
00:29:19 Joanne Shackford Parkes: RootsMagic on MacPowerbook. Switched from FamilyTreeMaker about three years ago.
00:29:25 Bill West: I have a PC, use RootsMagic on my computer and keep a public tree on Ancestry online with trees also on other web sites. Because I’m paranoid and want as many backups as possible. 🙂
00:29:31 Sheryl Whisenhunt: Looking into Legacy also.
00:29:59 Valerie Lisk: I switched from Family Tree Maker, when it was being sold, to RootsMagic, on a PC. Online tree on FamilySearch and Ancestry.
00:30:31 Linda Stufflebean: I am afraid that Legacy might be the next software dinosaur since the company was bought by MyHeritage. I wonder if they are going to maintain/update it?
00:30:32 Marian Koalski: I keep several partial trees on Ancestry, but beware of what glopped-up citations Ancestry downloads in a Gedcom.
00:30:38 PatKuhn: I also have MAC Family Tree on my computer!
00:30:42 Yvonne Demoskoff: Windows; FTM 2017 and Legacy 9 Deluxe. Started with Commsoft’s Roots II in the early 1990s.
00:31:40 Marian Koalski: That’s a long time to feel rotten, Randy.
00:34:10 Linda Stufflebean: Family Historian also offers a free trial of the full program with all the bells and whistles.
00:34:22 Cheryl Garrett: I have a MAC and Family Tree Maker. Finding out, perhaps I should actually USE the software, since my tree is still on
00:34:39 RandySeaver: I have a PC with Win7, and use RootsMagic for all of my data entry work. I do use Legacy Family Tree when I want great reports, and have FTM 2017 on the computer. My process has changed in the lastn 8 months since RM now syncs with my Ancestry Member Tree. I TreeShare with my AMT almost every day. I also have online trees at MyHeritage, RoiotsFinde, and Findmypast. I also match my RM profiles to FamilySearch Fmily Tree profiles alost every day.
00:37:13 DearMYRTLE: Mac Family Tree
00:37:21 DaveRobison: And that’s not limited to Scottish family research??
00:37:23 HilaryGadsby: Don’t forget Heredis or is this only online.

SYNCING (and FINDING HINTS) are important
00:37:49 Mary Beth Mueller: I care about what my software “syncs”with

00:39:08 RandySeaver: I care what my software finds Hints in – RM finds Hints in Ancestry, FamilySearch, MyHeritage and Findmypast.

00:40:18 AnnaMatthews: LOCKSS – Lots Of Copies Keep Stuff Safe
00:40:41 HilaryGadsby:
00:41:05 Sue Burns: I use One Drive for backups as well as a couple 3T & 4T external drives.
00:41:14 Bill West: I have a 1TB external hd with all my files backed up on it. and also in the cloud on OneDrive….because like I say, I am paranoid. :0
00:42:11 Micki Minner: never thought about it before…I have my backup on my external terrabyte drive…I guess I need to use dropbox (I use it for a lot of other things, so I already have an account)
00:43:01 DaveRobison: As my previous computer failed, I bought a new external hard drive to replace an older one. From Amazon, ir bought a 2TB seagate about the size of my mobile phone for $70! It’s come in VERY handy!!
00:43:30 Marian Koalski: Can’t read it, Myrt
00:43:53 HilaryGadsby: I have both Wiltshire county and WILTSHIRE surname in my database.
00:45:22 Sheryl Whisenhunt: I made that mistake at the beginning, allowing auto match. BIG mistake. I control all now.
00:45:45 Micki Minner: I agree Sheryl, I am STILL cleaning the automatic matching!
00:47:03 DaveRobison: Dozens of towns and cities in New England are named after towns and cities in England
00:47:05 Micki Minner: I have a family in the 1840s that never moved, and the county changed! a new county formed! Legacy does that same time/county check!
00:47:18 Yvonne Demoskoff: Marian, under “View Options”, check which one will make the screen image bigger

Cousin Russ “locality dual entry” concept
00:47:23 Danine Cozzens: Russ, I want to hear more about how you use dual entry when that’s appropriate.
00:47:40 Cousin Russ: I have blogged about this a number of times,
00:47:45 Danine Cozzens: For the states and counties and territories that change…

00:51:46 RandySeaver: RootsMagic autocompletes place names if they were entered before in the database.
00:52:33 Micki Minner: FTM also autocompletes…I like that…saves a lot of typing! Thanks for letting me know that RM does the same thing! I am thinking about switching to RM00:54:29 RandySeaver: Pat, use the Gazetteer (“magnifying glass”) to the right of the incomplete place name
00:54:37 Danine Cozzens: Thanks, Russ, for the link and video to watch later.
00:56:47 Sheryl Whisenhunt: Yes.
00:57:39 Sheryl Whisenhunt: I add the word County having needed to clarify for my relatives overseas.
00:57:49 HilaryGadsby: Not all software programs have gazetteers my Family Historian does not but it does have mapping tools in the latest edition.
00:58:40 DaveRobison: FTM wants to convert “Ludlow, Hampden, Massachusetts, USA” to “City of Ludlow…”
00:59:08 Shelley Murphy: I think I will begin using FTM again, even though I love RootsMagic
01:00:18 RandySeaver: In RootsMagic, you have total control of what you input for a place. The Gazetteer has the “standard” place name, but a user can put in whatever they want. The problem for me was remembering what I’d used before! So I use the sytandard place names, but not the County Check feature.
01:00:25 Valerie Lisk: I have been taking the word county out because FamilySearch tells me that is not a standardized place.
01:00:26 HilaryGadsby: Reports help with complex research situations.
01:00:52 Micki Minner: one of the reasons I hesitate to leave FTM, is because of how easy it is to customize reports!
01:01:30 Deb Andrew: Speed, locating certain individuals.
01:01:53 Sheryl Whisenhunt: Because my memory is REALLY sketchy. 🙂 Just kidding.
01:02:17 Bill West: I use genealogy software because frankly my handwriting stinks and I want to be able to read the information I’ve found.
01:02:38 Cheri Passey: I use genealogy software as a way to perserve my work and a way to think thorugh what I am doing. You can’t do that with an online tree. Why Legacy? Been using it from the beginning and am satified with what it can do. I don’t want to learn a new program, I want to research!
01:02:46 RandySeaver: so I don’t have to enter information more than once, and can quickly find what I know about a person.
01:02:47 Valerie Lisk: I have too many females in the family. I can’t keep up with all of the surname changes. They had multiple husbands. I met a distant cousin this weekend, was able to pull up FamilSearch on my phone and update her tree.
01:03:09 HilaryGadsby: I have research at county boundaries and therefore need flexibility.

01:03:55 Dawn Carlile: I use software because it saves me time by already having names and places already spelled correctly after I enter them and I don’t have to reneter my sources repeatedly to use them for other people.
01:04:26 HilaryGadsby: I also have stacks of paper that I need to get rid of as I can’t search them easily unlike the software program
01:04:33 Leah Smith: Genealogy software makes it very easy to share info with other researches. Agree with Cheri about preserving, and recording notes in one place. Use FTM
01:07:21 Micki Minner: I am constantly finding errors…and I try to run data error reports every week!
01:08:08 Deb Andrew: I like to use a software package to load information, before putting it on line, that way I can make sure it is correct.
01:08:54 Rachel Evans: It lets me see at a glance gaps in years, children, etc. It also lets me see a time period someone may have relocated to another area.
01:10:21 Louis Kessler: Genealogy software on your own computer allows you to keep track of what you’ve found out and (if you’ve done it right) keeps what you’ve researched separate from what everyone else thinks they’ve researched.

01:15:37 Micki Minner: Yes, most people do not believe me when I tell them you have to search…because hints only come from top 10% of databases!
01:17:24 Maria Tegtmeier: Spontaneous question. I have a technician for my Direct TV here and she wants to take an Ancestry DNA test but, she is pregnant. Will that effect her test? \
01:18:24 Micki Minner: NO…pregnancy will not change taking a DNA test for the mother
01:18:29 Cheri Passey: Awww!! That’s wonderful! So glad we got to share the moment with you!
01:18:54 Micki Minner: HOW EXCITING to see a new picture of your father! WOO HOO! This is what makes family tree research so important!!!!!!!!
01:19:00 RandySeaver: Maria, No, a spit test or a scrape cheek test will not affect her test results if pregnant.
01:19:15 Valerie Lisk: Why weren’t those hints on your other online tree? I am so happy for you!
01:20:11 RandySeaver: Ancestry’s place names are terribly inconsistent in record collectyions and trees
01:21:05 Maria Tegtmeier: Thanks Randy
01:21:56 Bill West: One las backup mention: my blog, where Ipost stories about what I’ve learned about ancestors, It’s also been great cousin bait.
01:23:43 Maria Tegtmeier: Thanks to Micki too. Tech. is so excited to go take her test.
01:23:46 Micki Minner: same here, I learned the hard way to hit ignore on ancestry family trees….unless I am looking for something I can’t find anywhere else…I only look!
01:24:03 Micki Minner: I add a section mark § at the end of surnames that have a DNA match to me or my mother
01:25:23 Joanne Shackford Parkes: Can you show the member connect feature very helpful as you can easily write to all those folks.
01:26:51 Shelley Murphy: His weight was 990?
01:27:25 Joanne Shackford Parkes: Finding that when someone connects an incorrect source to a person, lots of people do that — I am in the midst of writing to folks to say an ancestor of mine was not in NY in 1855 because another source shows he was a minister at a church in Canada at that time, the birth locations don’t match, and the children are different… (tough at times to get others to clean up errors…)
01:28:31 Shelley Murphy: In my tree I have to clear up the duplicates as I find them.
01:30:22 Micki Minner: I just can’t get worked up over OTHER family trees…I can only be responsible for my own work! too much angst!
01:31:05 Danine Cozzens: Someone is wrong on the internet — how do you make corrections effectively? Good topic for future.
01:33:27 Hilary Gadsby: At Family Search there are Genealogies or the shared tree.

01:34:56 Joanne Shackford Parkes: FamilySearch – can WATCH people and know of changes others make. Can correspond with those who make the changes to collaborate
01:35:14 Gloria Deison: It’s hard to explain to new users the concept of one global tree, they get worked up when they see things on “their” tree gets changed..
01:36:54 Susan Bleimehl: BYU has some very good YouTube videos by Kathryn Grant and others on how to use the FamilySearch Tree. Very clearly explained how the global tree works, adding sources, merging duplicates, etc.
01:37:25 Maria Tegtmeier: So grateful for FamilySearch Wiki
01:38:38 JoAnn Lawrence: I had a person tell me about an error on my tree. She demanded I remover the person from my tree. I detached the person but kept all information so I can research more. Thanks God I kept my information. She just emailed me stating she thinks she may have make a error and this person should be on my tree. I still will do more research.
01:39:00 Gloria Deison: I thought there was a way to keep the tree private on MH? I can’t see some trees (or maybe I just can’t enter their “website”..
01:39:27 Deb Andrew: You can make it private.
01:39:32 Micki Minner: I put a tree on MyHeritage strictly as cousin bait
01:39:43 Valerie Lisk: I uploaded a FTM tree to MyHeritaage when they were giving unlimited storage to FTM Users, Now I keep getting an error message that my tree is over limit. I’ve called and emailed with no response.
01:40:30 Deb Andrew: RootFinder connects all loads FamilySearch with so many generations.
01:40:49 Rachel Evans: Find My Past gives you a heavy British Isles record set. So would be worth uploading for the hints there.
01:41:10 Joanne Shackford Parkes: Your tree may already be at FamilySearch — posted by another cousin so always worth checking there as that cousin may have added sources.
01:41:17 Deb Andrew: 250 for free, unlimited for pay.
01:42:10 Hilary Gadsby: Some desktop programs can get hints from MyHeritage
01:42:32 Joanne Shackford Parkes: Good tip for FamilySearch – can see worldwide sources (for users that just purchase Ancestry USA). Think all the tips from folks suggest using multiple tools to research your family!
01:45:51 Deb Andrew: Syncing will over right what you have if you have changed anything.
01:46:01 Hilary Gadsby: Find My Past gives an option of a public tree and you can show living.
01:47:36 RandySeaver: Sunny Morton had two excellent presentations at RootsTech comparing the four big websites – see RT syllabus list.
01:47:55 Rachel Evans: There is a setting now at FindMyPast to make your tree public but not sure if it’s active yet. Yu can share your tree and they can view but not edit.
01:48:04 Deb Andrew: Legacy has webhints.
01:51:17 RandySeaver: My mistake – Sunny did “How to Find and Use Historical Records on the Giant Genealogy Websites” at RT, but the other one at FamilyTreeWebinars.
01:51:52 DearMYRTLE: Ancestry – multiple trees, connect images, documents, databased, collaborate with other researchers, DNA, total control, SYNC, downloadable FamilySearch global (1 tree), little control, connect images, documents, databased, collaborate with other researchers, SYNC, not downloadable. MyHeritage multiple trees, connect images, documents, databases, collaborate with other researchers, DNA, total control, SYNC to FamilyTreeBuilder, downloadable FindMyPast multiple trees, connect images, documents, databases, total control, downloadable
01:52:21 DaveRobison: I’d like to make that into a spreadsheet with tick marks for who does what. Will you be sharing that?
01:52:42 RandySeaver: Sunny’s webinar on FTW is at

01:54:11 Cousin Russ: WACKY Wednesday: “Syncing” with Ancestry

01:56:00 Cousin Russ: FTM2014 – Back to Basics – Before “Sync Now”

01:56:33 Cousin Russ: Back2Basics – Back Up / Sync / Back Up

01:56:57 Micki Minner: That would be GREAT! Cousin Russ’s videos have helped me SO much!!!!!!!!!!!!

02:00:20 Sheryl Whisenhunt: Thank you again.
02:00:31 Cousin Russ: Our Conversation continues —
02:00:47 Cheri Passey: Get some rest and feel better!!
02:01:28 Dawn Carlile: Thank you all for another great session!

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FTM: Last Chance for Upgrade Pricing

NOTE from DearMYRTLE: The following was received from our friend Jack Minsky of MacKiev, developers of Family Tree Maker genealogy software.



All good things come to an end sometime — in this case, October 1st. That’s the last day to upgrade to FTM 2017 for a 50% discount if you haven’t already. I know it’s hard to believe that discounted upgrades have been available now for the past six months, but there it is. So if you or someone you care about has been hesitating, now is the time to make your move — upgrade from ANY previous edition for just $39.95 (vs. $79.95 regular price). Click here to upgrade now.

Why upgrade? Have a look at the bottom of this email for a sampling of new features.

We’re delighted to announce that a full German language edition of FTM 2017 is underway. It’s the first for Family Tree Maker in more than eight years — Ancestry last published a German edition in 2009. So how did it happen? Well, a few months ago a German FTM fan started a petition and sent it to us — with more than 800 signatures on it. So what could we do? We said “danke schoen” and got started. The German edition will be free for anyone who already owns FTM 2017. Click here to be notified when it’s ready.

It’s been two months since the official release of FTM 2017 and we’re finishing up a free update (version 23.1) for release in the next three weeks or so. There’s further improvements in syncing, performance and security, some frequently requested enhancements to our new 2017 features — and a few happy surprises. If you aren’t already a beta tester and would like to get a sneak preview of things to come, click here to apply. And for the rest of you, well we’ll let you know when it’s ready.

That’s it for now. The adventure continues. Stay tuned.

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Jack Minsky
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Can genealogy software adequately mirror real life?

Thoughtful man with hand on chinOur genea-friend Thomas MacEntee posted “Gender Selection and the Impact on Future Genealogy Research” on his new Abundant Genealogy Blog. 

What evolved was a discussion of social issues – far more important than hoping genealogy software can keep up with fields to document DNA results, bloodlines, adopted lines, disproved lines, same sex marriages, and children assigned one identity at birth who “come out” as another later in life.

On Facebook, Miriam Robbins replied to Thomas’ thoughtful, straight forward and frank post “… If you were to talk with me 20 years ago about some of these topics, I could easily have been classified as a “hater.” It’s not that I actually *hated*, I just had preconceived ideas, based on a very narrow upbringing…”

DearMYRTLE's Profile PicMyrt’s Musings

I think many grew up with preconceived notions. Thanks to Miriam for voicing the change that can occur by embracing diversity.

In my youth, Ol’ Myrt here lived a largely insulated life in all-white middle class neighborhoods.

But as a “child of the 60s” we dealt with social unrest over the Viet Nam War, the murder of US President Kennedy, Jack Ruby shooting Lee Harvey Oswald live on TV, Bobby Kennedy’s assassination, the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the Black Panther Movement, Watts Riots (and others in DC and elsewhere).

Coming of age and questioning society’s traditions, we were shocked as students were slaughtered at Kent State.

In my case, it jolted me out of my protected, privileged way of thinking – and I wanted to reach across boundaries of color and class to try to understand. It never occurred to me to think others who were different were any less valuable a person.

I remember feeling helpless to reach out until I realized the best I could do was be open minded. Really *looking* at and *listening* to people makes a difference.

Our high school senior class president died of AIDS in the early years when we were all afraid that we’d get it just by breathing the same air. Yet, I knew Roger to be one of the nicest guys around. Trying to reconcile my respect for my friend Roger with the fear of AIDS was the beginning of my seeing beyond definitions set in my life by my parents.

I had several experiences at BYU demonstrating how preconceived notions are actually unduly harsh judgements that prevent us from living *together* comfortably in a diverse community.

Never once did another person’s lifestyle affect how I chose to live my life.

What matters most is love. ❤️

I’m still working on that.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt 🙂
Your friend in genealogy.