The Archive Lady: American Archives Month (Oct 2018)

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Melissa LeMaster Barker¬†is a Certified Archives Manager currently working as the Houston County, Tennessee Archivist. She is also a Professional Genealogist and lectures, teaches and writes about researching in archives and records preservation. You’ll find her work here and on the web at:

Melissa recommends the following resources for archival materials:


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DearMYRTLE and Cousin Russ recognize the United Nations’ International Decade for People of African Descent 2015-2024. We reach out to _all_ regardless of race, color, creed, sexual orientation or national origin with support for researching family and documenting cultural inheritance.

19:02:25 From Cousin Russ : GeneaWebinars Calendar of Hangouts, Webinars and Online Chats this coming week:
19:03:19 From Jette Cander` to All panelists : Love it!
19:03:30 From Beverly Anderson : Great job Melissa on your presentation at Pirates of Pedigree.
19:05:15 From Jill : First time for me on Zoom. On our recent to trip a cousin in England just passed on a 3 volume bible from Mr GeniAus’ 3x Great-Grandparents.
19:08:08 From Jill : It’s just after midday
19:11:41 From Cousin Russ : National Archives (US) YouTube
19:15:46 From Lisa Reed : The TVA one was good (as were they all!).
19:16:11 From Sweet Sadie : Jill, I am soooo happy about the bible!!! That’s pretty cool.
19:16:21 From Sweet Sadie : Thank-you for joining us tonight/today.
19:20:02 From Launa Droescher : think Mrs Bush helped get digital Genealogy going

19:23:16 From Sweet Sadie : The SLC Main Library does have a small genealogy reference section. However, they chose not to compete with the Family History Library just a few blocks away.
19:25:08 From Launa Droescher : but SLC fhl is not open all night either. I’ve tried to get them to just lock me in
19:27:39 From Sweet Sadie : I wish I could be there overnight as well. ūüôā
19:33:29 From Launa Droescher: San Bruno 1998 had no idea what I was doing did find stuff just not enough time. the same for CA Sacramento archives
19:36:20 From Launa Droescher : we could keep u busy looking for records for us
19:36:46 From Jill : Our State Library gives us access to Proquest
19:36:50 From Doris Lanier : That reveal happen to be my ancestors on my moms side hope to go see Melissa next year
19:37:46 From Jill : Yes please
19:38:05 From Kathleen Daetsch: I have been to the New York City Municipal Archive a lot. The records online are not complete there is more then the online transcription gives you in the original.

New Jersey State Archives
19:40:00 From Cousin Russ :
19:40:59 From Cousin Russ : National Archives of Australia
19:42:01 From Sweet Sadie to Jill and all panelists : New South Wales State Archives & Records
19:43:30 From Sweet Sadie to Jill and all panelists : Queensland State Archive
19:46:11 From Cousin Russ : THE Genealogy Show

19:58:27 From Cousin Russ : The John Gray Centre

20:04:48 From Cousin Russ :
20:04:53 From Susan Bleimehl : Had a free day and watched them all! Excellent as usual.

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ARCHIVED: Mondays with Myrt 14 May 2018


After 3 weeks hiatus, we discussed

  • Pat Kuhn’s collaboration including family photos
  • The Virtual Genealogy Society
  • THE Genealogy Show 2019 in Birmingham at the NEC
  • Family Tree LIVE in April 2019 in London at the Alexandra Palace
  • Randy Seaver’s mother’s high school records
  • The Ancestry search problem announcement
  • The 23andMe vs. Ancestry lawsuit
  • Thomas Jones 150 years of probate and and Elizabeth Shown Mills 20104 soldiers in the same unit – to identify men with the same name
  • Desktop family tree software vs. online trees
  • Prioritizing which genealogy conference, show, institute or classes to attend


00:56:19 Bill West: Goood morning from not quite sunny southeastern Massachusetts!
00:57:01 Cousin Russ: DearMYRTLE and Cousin Russ recognize the United Nations’ International Decade for People of African Descent 2015-2024. We reach out to _all_ regardless of race, color, creed, sexual orientation or national origin with support for researching family and documenting cultural inheritance.
Professional Genealogy PPS
00:58:21 Melinda Culpon: Professional Genealogy: Preparation, Practice & Standards – Elizabeth Shown Mills
01:10:22 Cousin Russ:

Virtual Genealogy Society
01:10:39 Jacqueline Wilson: I just signed up for that!
01:10:47 Cousin Russ:
01:11:01 Randy Seaver: I joined too
01:11:54 Yvonne Demoskoff: I joined too, Randy; looking forward to it.

01:12:18 Cousin Russ:
01:12:33 Randy Seaver: I think I read that VGS webinars would be available to members for 6 months after the live talk.
01:13:50 Dave Robison: I would like to suggest that any purchases made at Amazon, use the URL You’ll still sign into your own account but a small % of every purchase will be given to the charity of your choice.

Family Tree LIVE 2019
01:15:29 Cousin Russ:
01:17:04 Randy Seaver: so we all could have a two month visit to the UK and go to both of them. Maybe someone could sponsor a genealogy cruise in between the two conferences.
01:17:52 Liv Christensen: I hope to go with a group of Norwegian genealogists.
01:18:31 Cousin Russ: Betty Carringer’s School Records¬†
01:18:56 Hilary Gadsby: Would be great to meet you again Liv
01:19:04 Melinda Culpon: Trying to get my Brummie friend to meet me in Birmingham next year.
01:19:45 Hilary Gadsby: That would be great Melinda
01:19:49 Dave Robison: The Museum of Springfield History and Archives has a massive collection of school records from all Springfield, Mass schools from about 1895 to 1940.
01:23:05 Pat Kuhn: had Latin 1 year, hated it!!!
01:23:48 Hilary Gadsby: I have some of my mother’s reports
01:24:21 Jacqueline Wilson: Random acts of kindness!
01:24:26 Pat Kuhn: I have one for my mother and one for my father

01:25:17 Randy Seaver:
01:27:42 Yvonne Demoskoff: One of the issues I’ve had lately with Ancestry is when I search for someone I get very few (say only a dozen or so) results. I used to get 100s before this problem came up.
01:29:39 Yvonne Demoskoff: And the results or matches aren’t any more relevant than they used to be.
01:31:31 Molly McKinley: Great advice.
01:32:52 Jacqueline Wilson: The book [ProfGen: PPS] is out of stock & will be available on May 16! It sold out!!!!!
01:36:02 Robbin Smith: Mine is being delivered today
01:38:52 Robbin Smith: I dislike those kinds of “photos” too
01:42:44 Shelley Murphy: yes

Regarding 23&Me lawsuit against AncestryDNA, DearMYRTLE recommends joining Blaine Bettinger’s Genetic Genealogy Tips and Techniques Facebook Group. There is simply no way to independently create the information he provides there.

01:43:17 Shelley Murphy: I believe it’s a very valid point
01:43:24 Robbin Smith: ok by me


Forensic Genealogist CeCe Moore partnered with a company to work with law enforcement.
01:43:45 Shelley Murphy: CeCe opened another company
01:43:54 Karen Trearchis: I think it was a good use to the database. I am glad they caught the man.
01:45:15 Rebecca Williams: My opinion: If you put your information on an open public website, then you shouldn’t be upset. Law enforcement has used DNA since around 1988.
01:45:36 Shelley Murphy: she posted on Facebook about it
01:46:33 Robbin Smith: I agree with Rebecca
01:46:52 Robbin Smith: i would object if they got the DNA match thru the private companies
01:47:01 Jacqueline Wilson: I am sooooo sorry to hear about your family member. Hoping for a quick recovery
01:47:32 Randy Seaver: Parabon
01:47:37 Jacqueline Wilson: Yeah for decluttering!!!
01:47:40 Linda Stufflebean: My son was born in CA in 1988 – yesterday I saw a story online that CA has taken DNA swabs from infants born there since 1983 and parents were told. I don’t ever remember hearing about it and the DNA is stored in a database.
01:47:54 Karen Trearchis: I am very sorry to learn about your family member.
01:54:35 Jacqueline Wilson: It was live-streamed, so I got to see it!
02:00:19 Jacqueline Wilson: Will Legacy talk to Ancestry? NOTE: Family Tree Maker and RootsMagic are the only programs that can perform a data/image sync between an Ancestry Member Tree and the desktop version of the software programs. Legacy can indicate hints for various websites.

02:00:43 Bill West: Being paranoid, I keep a RM database on my computer in case I lose internet access. And I keep online trees in case my hard drive goes kaput.
02:02:38 Randy Seaver: The most pertinent article I’ve written about having genealogy software vs. online trees is probably at
02:05:24 Randy Seaver: Jacqueline, Legacy Family Tree will be able to talk to your MyHeritage tree soon. Gilad’s webinar last week was excellent.
02:07:18 Hilary Gadsby: I have several programs on my PC but that is because I like different features from each of them. My main program does not sync with any online tree but does find hints if I want them.

Deciding to go to a genealogy class, conference or institute is based on the following factors, different for each individual.

  • Proximity to one’s residence
  • Time of year with regard to family and work requirements
  • Proximity to an ancestral place of research
  • RootsTech (go there at least once)
  • Institutes offer a week of instructor-led course study, frequently with homework,

02:14:08 Hilary Gadsby: I have decided not to go to RootsTech next year as I am expecting to meet up with many of them in the UK events. I may go in 2020 however. I am going to Guild conference as well next year as it is 40th anniversary and in an area where I can stay and do research.
02:14:40 Hilary Gadsby: By them I mean friends.
02:15:07 Melinda Culpon: In my opinion I think those of you who were “covering” the conference had a different experience than just attending RootsTech. But yes I am more of a student
02:16:28 Randy Seaver: My time balance also includes the life situations I have – my Linda has mobility and memory problems and it’s hard to find things for her to do. Parties at the conference now become a feature.
02:16:48 Hilary Gadsby: I have attended RootsTech twice and had similar experience although slightly busier this last time.
02:16:49 Yvonne Demoskoff: I went to my first NGS conference in 2013 because of the quality of speakers, in particular ESM and Thomas Jones.
02:18:50 Randy Seaver: When we went to NGS and FGS in past years, I tried to also visit genealogy repositories and ancestry places
02:19:13 Cathy Naborowski: RootsTech is just too big for me. I like the size of NGS. But everyone should do RootsTech at least once.
02:20:57 Jacqueline Wilson: Randy: Hostler?
02:23:16 Randy Seaver: Jackie – maybe. At the Inn, he managed the horses – watering, feeding, cooling, washing, hitching up, etc. At 15 years old. He ended up being a horse trader later inl ife.
02:23:44 Karen Trearchis: I attend NERGC, New England Regional Genealogical conference.every 2 years & have been going since 2005. I love the excitement, the vending hall, work at our society’s booth. attending workshops in the Vendor Hall & classes. I went to FGS Springfield, Ill. I attended the great classes for society building! Love it and attended classes and enjoyed visiting an area I never been before. I am going to attend FGS19 in Washington,DC. My son is now living in Alexandria, VA. I want to go to the National Archives, too. So far I have not been able to go to Rootstech because of the expense, from the east coast, hotels,food. Maybe someday.
02:24:18 Hilary Gadsby: We call them Ostler in England
02:25:04 Randy Seaver: Hilary: I didn’t know that! Some of my Vaux relatives in Somerset married Ostler.
02:26:20 Jacqueline Wilson: I sometimes pick the conference I go to by location – if it is someplace I have never been before – just so I can play tourist.
02:26:44 Cousin Russ: The conversation continues —
02:26:45 Hilary Gadsby: My husband has an Ostler in Norwich.
02:27:54 Jacqueline Wilson: Thank you for doing this!!!!!

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What’s the NEC?


Ol’ Myrt here had to ask “What is the NEC?” and I’ve learned it is a marvelous venue known as the National Exhibition Centre, in Birmingham, England.¬†That’s where THE Genealogy Show will be held 7th & 8th June 2019.

So here’s a shout-out to some friends within easy travel distance – John Laws (our man not in Edinburgh, Scotland), Hilary Gadsby (our gal in Wales) and of course Tony Proctor (our man in Ireland), I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

More information will be released on the website over the next month, though you can¬†register your interest as an exhibitor, speaker or sponsor on the website right now –¬†

THE Genealogy Show (LIVE in Birmingham)

NOTE from DearMYRTLE: YUP! Mr. Myrt and I are going to England, and are honored to be working with this dedicated team on THE Genealogy Show. Won’t you join us along with Jill Ball (Australia),¬†Liv Birgit Christensen (Norway),¬†Ruth Blair (Canada),¬†Mags Gaulden (Canada),¬†John Boeren (Netherlands) and¬†DM Walsh (UK)? “The NEK” is the National Exhibition Centre, in Birmingham, England.


The demise of the Who Think You Are? Live show has left a hole in the genealogy¬†calendar of UK-based events with many attendees commenting on the loss of a ‚Äėbig‚Äô annual¬†gathering.

An international group of genealogists, lead by Kirsty Gray and Sylvia Valentine (Show Directors), have been diligently working since the US-based RootsTech Conference, to get THE Genealogy Show on the road.

This two-day event will take place in the same hall as in previous years and the Board are dedicated to providing outstanding educational opportunities through talks and stands, as well as creating an environment where family historians from beginner to expert can network together. Even at this early planning stage, many international genealogists are making travel plans to attend the event.

More information will be released on the website over the next month, though you can¬†register your interest as an exhibitor, speaker or sponsor on the website right now –¬†