52 THINGS: Cookoo for Checkers

Do you know about Give Away? 
It’s the opposite of Checkers.

My grandmother, Myrtle Eliza (Weiser) Player Severinson was cookoo for Checkers and Pinochle. I thought I’d be happy to make the mini-journal with a picture of Dad and grandmother playing back in the 1980s. To my surprise, when looking closely at the photo, I realized I have the actual set they were playing with in the olden days of the previous century.
If you are able to move one of your checkers across the board to your opponent’s king row (back row), you may then crown your piece a King. He then becomes capable of moving in any direction, though not switching directions during a single turn.
Do you know about Give Away? 
It’s the opposite of Checkers. Instead of trying to keep as many of your checkers as possible, you try to force your opponent to jump and therefore take your checker pieces.
I played hundreds of games with Grandmother Myrtle when she lived at her home in Puyallup, Washington. Such wonderful memories.
If you cannot view this video on your device, try this link: https://youtu.be/BXL72EbglBc
Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     🙂
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