What to DO with all this stuff?

Bogged down with a plethora of family photos, journals, documents, heirlooms, slides, videos, and voice recordings? Myrt has a plan!



  1. Divide & Conquor
    Distribute items to scan among the my daughters. Each makes the digitization a top priority for the next 12 months.
  2. Red Box
    Give materials to them in identical red storage box/containers with lids that you’ve carefully labeled with your name, phone & email address. That way if anything happens, the family can easily spot the red box and return it to you.
  3. WeAre
    Open up a private, interactive social family history archive at WeAre.xyz and add the box holders and their family members to the membership.

From My Daughters’ Point of view

  • Scan
    As each box holder scans an item have them upload it to the WeAre social family history website, so it doesn’t take up storage space on their personal computers.
  • 4×6 inch cards
    Give each a 4×6” card with file naming samples like:
    1893 WEISER Myrtle Eliza baby book cover
    1893 WEISER Myrtle Eliza baby book p1
    1893 WEISER Myrtle Eliza baby book p2
    1917 PLAYER Shirl WEISER Myrtle Eliza wedding invitation

DearMYRTLE line art logo
From Myrt’s Point of view

  • Upload our GEDCOM file to WeAre.xyz and attach digitalized items to the appropriate ancestors.
  • Tag uploaded digital files and create groups like:
    — Orcas Island 1960s
    — Chris & Nilou’s Wedding
    — Tess & Tracen’s Wedding
    — Overlake Drive
  • Spotlight & Ask
    Send text message with link to recently uploaded media and ask family members tell what they remember about that person or event.
  • Add maps, photos of main street, or that old adobe brick home.
    For instance, a postcard of 1890s to illustrate what it would have looked like for baby Myrtle’s parents to walk with their baby past the store fronts.
  • Host monthly online meetings for family night to discuss what’s new.
  • Have fun!


DearMYRTLE’s “MiniMyrt – What to DO with all this stuff?” video 15:02 minutes. https://www.youtube.com/live/lysMPqPapfo

DearMYRTLE’s “MiniMyrt – Exploring WeAre.xyz” video 6:13 minutes.

DearMYRTLE’s “MiniMyrt – Why GEDCOM?” video 5:58 minutes.

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